H-Town Fun: From Bat-Watching to Bowling in Houston

bowling in HoustonHouston is a hotspot for entertainment and a diverse array of fun attractions. Whether you are planning on visiting for the weekend or are just in search of something to do, Houston is sure to have something for you! Below are a few hidden gems to check out on your next Houston excursion:
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Reasons to Choose IT’Z When You Need Nearby Pizza Places

Pizza Places Near Me

We have all been there: Too tired or busy to cook. Bored after a day at home and looking for something fun to do. Looking to keep kids occupied during a never-ending winter break. You pick up your phone and type in “pizza places near me.” Easy, inexpensive, delicious, and, most importantly, kid-friendly, pizza has long been a staple of the fast family meal.

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Tips for Getting Better at Playing Arcade Games

adults playing arcade games in houstonArcade games, in Houston and elsewhere, are incredible fun. What’s not so fun? Bombing those games in front of your best buddies. There is no honor is achieving the lowest score in pinball or bouncing those basketballs off of the rims.

That is why you might just want to take a little time to hone your arcade games skills. You don’t have to spend hours a day gaming, unless you want to become a professional gamer. Instead, try these tips for upping your game, and your tickets, the next time you hit up the arcade.

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Build Your Team the Fun Way With Laser Tag in Pasadena

Laser Tag Improving collaboration and communication among your team members is an easy way to dramatically improve your team’s performance. Enter team building. The right activity will give your team experience in communicating, collaborating, problem-solving, and relationship building. It could also be really boring if you do it the wrong way.

That is why we suggest moving past the inspirational speakers, the icebreaker activities, and the boredom. Instead, try something different, and more fun, like laser tag. Not just a game to entertain teenagers, laser tag in Pasadena is a way to build your team without sacrificing the fun. Here are just a few reasons to use laser tag as a team building activity.

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Fun Places for Birthday Parties this Winter

fun places for birthday partiesWith the cooler months upon us, it becomes a little bit trickier to find fun places for birthday parties. You never know when it might be too cold, too rainy, or, occasionally, too snowy to enjoy outdoor attractions. At the same time, your winter birthday kid deserves a really awesome place to celebrate. The struggle is real. Until Now.

With our list of the best places to have a party for your child in the winter, you can find the perfect location with less work and less worry. Plus, you can always stop by iT’Z for birthday party packages and celebrations that are fun and exciting for kids all year round.

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