Build Your Team the Fun Way With Laser Tag in Pasadena

Laser Tag Improving collaboration and communication among your team members is an easy way to dramatically improve your team’s performance. Enter team building. The right activity will give your team experience in communicating, collaborating, problem-solving, and relationship building. It could also be really boring if you do it the wrong way.

That is why we suggest moving past the inspirational speakers, the icebreaker activities, and the boredom. Instead, try something different, and more fun, like laser tag. Not just a game to entertain teenagers, laser tag in Pasadena is a way to build your team without sacrificing the fun. Here are just a few reasons to use laser tag as a team building activity.


Laser tag allows your team to collaborate.

Laser tag isn’t all running and shooting. It is actually the perfect way to teach collaboration among your team members. Laser tag, when you play with teams, forces players to work with alongside each other to take down the other group. In order to do that, they have to work together. They have to make plans, execute plans, communicate with each other, and work toward a common goal.

If they fail, they don’t end up jettisoning important company goals and wasting company time. They suffer a setback that is, in some ways, more painful to them in the moment: They lose the game to their competitors. While not as important as what they lose when they do not collaborate in the office, it has a much more immediate impact. Use laser tag in Pasadena, with all of its intense competitiveness, to help your team learn to work together effectively, both in the laser tag arena and back at the office.


Laser tag gives your team the chance to play.

Kids play. Adults work. That, at least, is what we tell ourselves. The reality, however, is that adults need to play too. When adults play, they experience a lifting of the spirits, and a release of stress, that can leave them feeling younger and rejuvenated. Play gives birth to creativity, energy, and happiness.

Laser tag is the perfect way to help your team engage in play. Laser tag isn’t just about learning skills. Instead, it is first and foremost about having a good time. The lessons that your people learn while having that good time will stick better because those lessons were not the focal point. The focal point was having fun.

With that focus in your team building event, you have happier individuals bringing their happiness and creativity to their work. And that means your team can be more productive at everything that they do, simply because they had a little bit of fun.


Laser tag in Pasadena encourages communication among teammates.

Laser tag doesn’t just address a collaboration problem. It addresses the communication problem, too. Just imagine what your team members need to do to win an intense game of laser tag. Your team needs to do more than make a plan. They need to talk about their preferences, they need to compromise to hash out the best plan possible, and they need to discuss obstacles and changes that happen on the fly. All of that requires some pretty intense communication skills.

The team that communicates the best doesn’t win a promotion or a pay bonus. They do win the game, and some serious bragging rights in the office. You might be surprised at just how motivational those rewards can be.


Laser tag builds leadership and decision-making skills.

You want your team to lead. You want them to be able to make the right decisions quickly and reliably. The best way for your team to learn these vital skills is to learn them while they are on the job, or the game, so to speak.

Laser tag in Pasadena forces your team to develop some serious leadership and decision-making skills. You need to deploy the team to take down the opposition. What is the best way to do that? You need to take cover: Which area is most likely to protect your team? In the fun, fast-paced environment of the laser tag arena, you might be surprised at the latent leaders you discover within your team.


Laser tag encourages participants to engage in problem solving.

Life in the office isn’t always fun and games. Sometimes, problems arise. Information needed for a project is missing. A computer crashes at the worst moment. Or you find a mistake just as a project is about to be deployed. How do you solve these problems?

The answer might just lie in some of those fun and games. Laser tag can present lots of problems you need to fix. In the laser tag arena, flexing those problem-solving skills can help your team to grow. Let them practice in the arena.

The next time you want to create a team building activity, reach out to iT’Z. We can help get you set up with some intensely fun, and intensely beneficial, laser tag in Pasadena. And that means you enjoy some serious corporate fun in a seriously fun environment.