Reasons to Choose IT’Z When You Need Nearby Pizza Places

Pizza Places Near Me

We have all been there: Too tired or busy to cook. Bored after a day at home and looking for something fun to do. Looking to keep kids occupied during a never-ending winter break. You pick up your phone and type in “pizza places near me.” Easy, inexpensive, delicious, and, most importantly, kid-friendly, pizza has long been a staple of the fast family meal.

Unfortunately, pizza can also be a bit boring if you do it wrong. How many times can you eat pepperoni and cheese, anyway? Heading out to a chain store will get you pizza, but it might not get you everything you need for a fun afternoon or evening out with the family. And it definitely won’t get you everything you can enjoy when you head over to iT’Z instead.

As the place for pizza and fun, we offer more than just pizza. And everything we offer is designed to entertain both children and adults, so no one has to be bored. Here are a few excellent reasons to come to iT’Z the next time you feel the need to look up “pizza places near me.”


IT’Z makes good pizza.

Your kids might eat anything as long as it has tomato sauce and pepperoni on it. We are guessing you would like to enjoy something with a little more variety and quality. Here at iT’Z, we don’t just make pizza. We create fresh and flavorful pies. How fresh? Our pizza dough is made fresh daily, and our pizzas are served hot from the oven. No lukewarm, cheese-hardened slices for your plate.

Our flavors aren’t just child-friendly, either. You can get the standard toppings, like sausage and pepperoni or plain cheese, but you can also customize your pizza to your more grown up tastes. Try jalapenos, white onion, or pineapple. Opt for our Hawaiian pizza or alfredo pie. You and your kids can enjoy delicious pizzas that satisfy your craving for good, family-friendly food, fast.


IT’Z makes more than pizza.

There is always one in the group. You decide to look up “pizza places near me,” and they decide they want soup and salad. Or they are full from lunch and just want something sweet. Or you get to the pizza place and your smallest one decides that they don’t like pizza and never have, despite having eaten three slices last week.

At times like these, you need variety in your menu, too. Here at iT’Z, we don’t just make fresh and flavorful pizza. We make a whole buffet of delicious dishes. Made from the finest  ingredients and served hot, they offer everyone in your group the opportunity to eat something they enjoy.

Try our al dente pastas in our signature sauces. Give our salad bar, with its more than 40 options, a try. Indulge in our potato and soup bar for warm and comforting food on a cold winter’s day. Walk away with a belly full of exactly the kind of food you were craving, whether that was pizza or something else. Can you see the family arguments and stress melting away yet?


IT’Z offers entertainment in addition to pizza.

You could just come to iT’Z for the pizza and buffet, but then you would miss out on everything else we have to offer. If you look up “pizza places near me” because you want to get out of the house for a few hours, a regular pizza place just won’t cut it. You need a place that offers you entertainment as well as food.

Here at iT’Z, our pizza and buffet exist alongside a fun activities venue that has a variety of activities for you to enjoy (activities vary by location). Try our video arcade with more than 150 games. That is a single day’s worth of entertainment right there. Challenge yourself with our indoor rock climbing wall. Grab a few kids, or friends, for an intense, adrenaline-pumping game of laser tag in our laser tag arena. Hit up the bowling alley for a game that everyone in the family can play and enjoy.

Even if you decide to just come for the food, you can choose from four dining areas that offer cartoons, sports, and other fun things to watch while you eat. Whatever you choose, or enjoy doing, you can find it here at iT’Z. Check out the fun before or after your pizza, and plan to spend a few hours doing something you really enjoy.


IT’Z offers some incredible pizza deals.

Pizza places often appeal because they are affordable. However, if you want to enjoy even more affordable food and fun, check out iT’Z. We regularly have deals that make our food and activities even more affordable for even budget-conscious families. Try our kids eat free Thursday offer, or our Tuesday Special, which includes our $2.99 buffet and $0.99 drinks.

Right now, you can take advantage of our Winter Games one-day pass. You can get unlimited food, drink, non-prized video games, and even unlimited attractions (for an added cost). That means that you can take the whole family for a day of unlimited fun without breaking the bank.

The next time you want to look for “pizza places near me” think about looking up iT’Z instead. With three locations, it is easier to find a place that is close to you. With a variety of pizza, a buffet, and entertainment geared toward adults and kids alike, it is easy to find food and fun that the whole family will enjoy. Choose one of our deals to make your visit even more appealing.

Fight against the winter weather with an afternoon, evening, or even entire day spent enjoying the fun and food here at iT’Z. With numerous attractions and food options from which to choose, we are guessing your first trip probably won’t be your last.