Fun Places for Birthday Parties this Winter

fun places for birthday partiesWith the cooler months upon us, it becomes a little bit trickier to find fun places for birthday parties. You never know when it might be too cold, too rainy, or, occasionally, too snowy to enjoy outdoor attractions. At the same time, your winter birthday kid deserves a really awesome place to celebrate. The struggle is real. Until Now.

With our list of the best places to have a party for your child in the winter, you can find the perfect location with less work and less worry. Plus, you can always stop by iT’Z for birthday party packages and celebrations that are fun and exciting for kids all year round.


Find a location that allows kids to move.

If there is one thing kids’ love, it is to move. Just because you can’t hold your birthday party outdoors doesn’t mean your kids and their guests have to sit still. Choose a party location that welcomes guests being active.

There are several options out there for getting your party started with some fun movement. Consider these types of locations that naturally incorporate kid-centered movement:

  • Bounce Houses
  • Trampoline Parks
  • Gymnasiums

Whether you take your child and a few friends for an open play time, or reserve the place for a dedicated party, you can enjoy an event that doesn’t force kids to be quiet and reserved just because they are indoors.

Don’t forget that you can keep your children and their guests busy during a birthday party right here at iT’Z, too. Whether you choose our birthday party package for kids’ that focuses on bowling, or select another package that gives you access to the rest of our fun activities venue, you can be sure of one thing: Happy, kid-focused fun will ensue.


Find a location that offers kid-friendly activities.

When the weather outside is frightful, you can always move indoors. While being inside might be delightful to grownups, kids will get bored if they don’t find activities that are suited for them. That is why you probably shouldn’t choose a fancy restaurant or other location where being prim and proper is the rule.

Instead, look for locations for the birthday party that focus on kid-friendly activities. What counts as kid-friendly? Look for some of the following activities:

  • Kid-friendly video arcade
  • Indoor rock climbing wall
  • Bumper cars
  • Laser tag
  • Crafts and painting

Here at iT’Z, all of our activities are perfect for kids. With laser tag, bumper cars, an indoor rock climbing wall, bowling, and even mini-bowling for the smallest members of the group, there is something to delight nearly every child (please note that attractions vary by location). When you choose the right birthday party package for kids, you get access to activities that you and the kids in your group will enjoy.


Find a location that will entertain a wide range of interests.

When you are looking for places to have kids’ birthday parties during winter, you need to make sure that your child and their guests will enjoy the events. That means you should probably skip the cooking class if your child hates baking, and pass on the painting party if your child hasn’t touched a paintbrush yet this year.

Instead, consider your child’s and their guests’ interests. Then, choose a place that offers something to entertain those interests. For example, a child who won’t stop climbing trees might enjoy an indoor rock climbing wall, while a child who loves to play games might enjoy a birthday party at an arcade.


Use a location that can teach your children and their guests’ new things.

The location you choose for your child’s birthday party doesn’t have to just focus on things your child already knows and loves. Instead, you can use their party to introduce them to new activities. This technique can work if you choose something that feeds into their current interests.

For example, let the children enjoy an introduction to indoor rock climbing for those that never sit still. Enjoy some bumper cars with a child who just can’t wait to get behind the wheel. Learning a new skill and having fun can be the perfect way to enjoy a new year with your child and their friends.

There are many fun places for birthday parties during winter. You just have to be a little bit creative. The ideal location will allow kids to move, engage them with kid friendly activities, engage a wide range of interests, and teach them new skills.

One of the best places for you to try is iT’Z. We offer a wide variety of activities and birthday party packages to entertain your party. Whether you want to teach your child something new or engage one of their current interests, we can help turn their next birthday party into a memorable way to mark another wonderful year.