5 Creative and Safe Trick or Treating Alternatives for Halloween

Halloween DecorationsTrick or treating is a staple of Halloween celebrations for children. However, it also does not work for many families. Some people avoid it because of religious preferences. Others live in neighborhoods that are not kid-friendly, and some worry about the safety of going door to door with their kids.

If you find yourself reluctant to engage in door to door candy collecting this Halloween season, you are not alone. Nor are you doomed to a boring night indoors. There are a number of trick or treating alternatives that are both safe and fun.Here are 5 creative and safe trick or treating alternatives that can keep Halloween fun even without going door to door.

Find (or organize) a trunk or treat in your area as a safe trick or treating alternative.

If you are concerned about the safety of going door to door in your neighborhood on Halloween night, a trunk or treat event can be a safe alternative. Often put on by local clubs or businesses, this event is a trick or treating alternative that uses car trunks as sources of entertainment and candy for kids.

Each participant decorates the trunk of their car and/or turns it into a safe Halloween activity (such as a petting zoo or bobbing for apples station). Children dress up in their costumes and go from car to car, enjoying the activities and coming away with treats.

If you cannot find a location in your area that is offering a trunk or treat this Halloween, you can always organize your own with friends and family. All you need are some cars, some creativity, and some candy to give your kids a fun trick or treating alternative.


Host a Halloween party at your house as a trick or treating alternative.

If you want to keep your children from walking around the neighborhood at night asking for candy from strangers, you can always give them Halloween fun in the form of a party at your house. Invite your friends and family, and set up a Halloween-themed event complete with themed decorations, themed food, themed games, themed crafts, pumpkin carving, and a kid-friendly movie.

You can also make this event either Halloween themed or fall themed, depending upon your preferences. For example, create ghostly cookies or opt for pumpkin-shaped treats; create spooky spiders for your craft or stick with pumpkin carving; Choose Halloweentown for the movie or go with It’s the Great Pumpkin, Charlie Brown.


Trick or treat at safe (and fun) locations.

If you are concerned about the safety of trick or treating around the neighborhood, you may feel more comfortable with a trick or treating alternative that takes place at a safe location. There are a number of locations around town that often provide the opportunity to trick or treat. For example, firehouses and police stations usually put on Halloween parties. In addition to receiving candy, this trick or treating alternative allows kids to sit in police cruisers and fire trucks, look around the station, and play Halloween games.

In addition to fire houses and police stations, you may also be able to trick or treat around town at local businesses. These events often take place either the day before Halloween or in the afternoon to accommodate small children and those who want to do traditional neighborhood trick or treating later in the day.

Other places to consider? Zoos, indoor fun venues (like iT’Z), and museums. If you want to make a difference with your trick or treating alternative, you may even be able to get permission to trick or treat at a nursing home (just call ahead, and consider bringing a small group, like your playgroup or other friends with kids).


Look up a fall festival to attend as a trick or treating alternative.

If you prefer to avoid trick or treating altogether, there are still fun activities you can enjoy with your children. In particular, local fall festivals can be a great way to keep your kids’ minds off trick or treating and enjoy some quality family time together.

These fall festivals are often put on by the community at local parks or outdoor venues. Churches also often host these types of events as trick or treating alternatives. Instead of gathering candy, children will play games, decorate or carve pumpkins, eat fall-themed treats, and enjoy other types of fall themed fun. Parents are usually welcome to join in the fun too, making this trick or treating alternative entirely family friendly.


Put on a family movie night as a trick or treating alternative.

Staying in while having fun can also be a trick or treating alternative if you put on a family movie night. Instead of going out to parties or other trick or treating alternatives, you can set up a cozy and memorable night at home with some blankets, some popcorn, and some fun movies.

Choose one or two movies that are age-appropriate for your children (and as scary or not scary as you all prefer). Then curl up together and enjoy the shows while munching on a snack. You can even give your kids treat bags filled with candy or small toys if you want them to have something special to remember the evening by.


If you are looking for a trick or treating alternative, you should also consider the fun evening planned at iT’Z on Halloween. Each iT’Z location will be giving out candy around the park and at each attraction. Let your kids wear their costumes to our fun indoor venues and enjoy laser tag, rock climbing, bowling, bumper cars and more while gathering sweet treats in a safe environment. The goal is to provide the kids with exciting activities and the joy of trick or treating, all in an environment that is safe and family friendly.

Trick or treating alternatives do not have to be boring nights inside. With creativity and a little research, you can come up with fun things to do that are safe, kid-friendly, and that celebrate Halloween the way that you prefer.