Tips for a Successful Kids Bowling Party

Bowling Fun at iT'ZBowling is a popular kids birthday party idea for good reason. Not only do kids generally love bowling, but it also tends to be an activity that children of almost every age can participate in, and offers many options when it comes to decorations, games, food, favors, and more.

However, a successful kids bowling party does not happen by itself. If you want to enjoy a successful kids bowling party with a minimum of stress, consider the following tips. They will help you to put together a bowling birthday party for kids that is a stress-free, fun-packed event.

Choose a kids birthday party venue with lots of options for fun.

The first step in planning a successful kids bowling party is to recognize that not every bowling venue is created equal. You could choose your run of the mill bowling alley, but it might not be the best choice, especially if you are expecting a lot of children who may have varying tastes and preferences.

Instead, consider a fun activities venue like iT’Z. Not only do we offer 12 standard bowling lanes, but we also provide a variety of other activities, from laser tag to bumper cars to a full arcade. And, our birthday party packages give your guests access to these activities in addition to a full hour of bowling. That means guaranteed fun for everyone.


Purchase a bowling birthday package.

Sure, you can show up at the venue with a large group of children in tow and hope that there is space for all of you to party. But, why would you when you can purchase a bowling birthday package instead?

These packages guarantee you not only time and space to bowl but also time to sit and celebrate. In addition, they offer a number of other amenities that can make planning the party easier and can even save you money by offering you a per-person rate that is cheaper than what you would pay if you purchased all of the elements of the package separately.

For example, a bowling birthday package at iT’Z includes not only an hour of bowling but also invitations, paper products, balloons, shoe rentals, a buffet, a special gift for the guest of honor, and, depending on the package you choose, access to our other fun activities (like laser tag and bumper cars). These packages start at just a few dollars more than the hourly rental rate for our lanes, while guaranteeing you the space and time you need for your party.


Take advantage of everything the bowling birthday package offers.

There are a lot of details that go into planning a successful kids bowling party. Having some of those details taken care of for you can make your job easier and more enjoyable. That is why you should be aware of, and take advantage of, all of the benefits that come with the bowling birthday package you purchase.

For example, at iT’Z, your bowling birthday package includes invitations, saving you time, money, and stress picking out or making invitations yourself. Paper products are included, saving you time and money locating plates and cups for everyone. And all the food your party needs (except for the cake) is included, eliminating one of the biggest stressors when it comes to party planning. That means you can focus on the fun aspects of party planning: Buying gifts, planning decorations, and locating the perfect bowling-themed cake to delight your guest of honor.


Know what decorations are allowed at the kids birthday party venue.

Creating and putting up bowling themed decorations is a good way to extend the bowling theme throughout the venue. Think themed tableware, balloon towers, and homemade bowling balls.

When planning your decorations, however, just check with the kids birthday party venue regarding their decorating guidelines. For example, will you have a separate room you can decorate? Are balloons allowed (Or already provided)? Can you put anything on the walls? For example, at iT’Z, we already provide paper products and a balloon bouquet as part of all our birthday party packages.

Understanding these guidelines and taking advantage of the decorations available through the bowling birthday package will help you to avoid spending time and money on decorations you can’t use. And it may save you some stress if some of the decorations are taken care of for you


Plan to bring your own cake and favors to the bowling birthday party for kids.

No birthday party is complete without a cake. Fortunately, while you probably can’t bring your own snacks or food to the birthday party place, you should be able to bring your own cake.To that end, feel free to create a beautiful, bowling party themed confection for your bowling birthday party for kids.

In addition, plan to bring your own prizes and favors. These are also not typically included in any bowling birthday packages, and can add a fun, themed element to your party. Need ideas? Consider “spare” change, bowling pin shaped containers filled with candy, inexpensive bowling medals, t-shirts with ironed-on bowling decals, and more.


Plan bowling games.

Add a little extra fun to your bowling birthday party for kids with bowling games. These games can keep kids occupied while they wait for their turn to bowl and make the entire experience more enjoyable. For example, have them bowl in funny positions; have them complete tasks (like listing ice cream flavors) before the ball reaches the pins, or play bowling bingo.

A bowling birthday party for kids can be a fun and memorable experience. By finding the right venue, buying a bowling birthday package, taking advantage of the benefits that package offers, creating decorations ahead of time, bringing a bowling themed cake and favors, and planning bowling games, you can create a bowling birthday party that is easy, stress free, and truly awesome.