Tips for a Non Scary Halloween Celebration

Adults in Costumes at IT'Z Halloween Party 2017The most wonderful time of the year is immediately preceded by the spookiest time of the year. With ghosts, goblins, gory clowns, and creepy jokers populating the season, it can be difficult to enjoy the season if you or your loved ones are bothered by anything scary. Children in particular can struggle to enjoy the creepier side of the Halloween season.

Luckily for you, there are many ways to celebrate a non scary Halloween. A little bit of creativity, and one of the fun centers in Houston, can go a long way toward creating a celebration of the season that does not leave your heart racing. To get you started, here are a few ideas we here at iT’Z have come up with for Halloween fun without the fear.


Enjoy fun, fear-free food.

Fun food is a staple of the Halloween season (as well as the entirety of the holiday season). But if you want to tone down the creep factor and turn up the fun factor, focus on creative foods or treats that are fun but fear-free.

For example, everyone loves pumpkins. Whip up some pumpkin-shaped pancakes or sugar cookies cut to look like pumpkins or fall leaves. Pop some popcorn and let the kids roll them in orange icing to make pumpkin popcorn balls. You can even make caramel apples for a seasonal, not a scary, feel.

Here at iT’Z, we always have delicious, fun food available at our unlimited buffet. If you want to go out to enjoy a dinner that comes with a side of fun and not fear, try our delicious buffet. Pizza, pasta, salads, and desserts are kid-friendly, always tasty, and never terrifying.


Celebrate Halloween at one of the fun centers in Houston.

Here at iT’Z, you can bring your family out for a fun filled alternative to your average trick-or-treating. We welcome you and your family to celebrate Halloween with us in full costume. Your family can still enjoy dressing up as their favorite characters, while enjoying all of the great festivities we have to offer. Enjoy our unlimited buffet until 8PM, and play video games until 11PM for just $9.99 per person. We will also have candy stations set up throughout the game room and attractions between 5PM and 9PM.


Have a costume party focused on fun, not fear.

Costumes are a staple of any Halloween celebration. What does not have to be a staple, however, are the gory additions or creepy masks. Instead, throw a costume party that focuses on fun, not fear.

The best way to ensure that your guests come in costumes that won’t send your kids running is to set a theme. For example, consider asking people to dress up as their favorite book character. Let them adopt a look from a famous television show, or go retro with a ’50s theme.


Specify your non-scary goals in your invitations.

If you want to make sure that your Halloween celebrations are scare-free, you might want to be specific in the invitations that you send out. You don’t want anyone showing up as the Joker when your child simply wants to see her friends dress up as princesses.

As a result, be clear in your invitations. For example, add a note requesting non scary costumes. Be clear that creepy masks are not welcome. Explain that weapons or blood should not adorn anyone’s costume. Take the time to clarify exactly what theme, if any, you want for your party. By clarifying your goals up front, you allow your guests to find the perfect costume for your party without leaving you awkwardly asking a guest to take off their werewolf mask.

Halloween celebrations can be the perfect opportunity to enjoy the silly or strange. They give you the chance to embrace the personality of your favorite TV or book characters. They are a way to connect with friends and family before the rush of the holiday season. They are definitely a chance to enjoy a whole lot of candy. Kids and adults alike can get behind that kind of fun.

That does not mean they have to be scary. If you, or your children, prefer a less frightening celebration, consider creating one yourself. Add on fun, not scary, food. Ask for creative, not disturbing, costumes. Choose a theme for the celebration that everyone can enjoy. Our fun center is designed for exhilarating, not scary fun. Lastly, don’t forget that you are welcome to celebrate Halloween at one of the fun centers in Houston, like iT’Z. We can offer the perfect venue for a fun and exciting Halloween celebration.