Throw a Halloween-Themed Kids Bowling Party to Remember

Adults in Costumes at IT'Z Halloween Party 2017‘Tis the season for spookiness, and there is nothing kids love more than a slightly scary, candy-loaded excuse to party. Take advantage of the season’s natural theme and throw your October-born a Halloween-themed kids bowling party. Is it possible to combine the awesome creepiness of Halloween with the awesome family fun of bowling? Absolutely. Here are just a few ideas.


Invite guests to wear costumes to the kids bowling party.

At the heart of Halloween are costumes (and candy), so invite everyone to wear their favorite costume to your kids bowling party. They can wear the outfit they plan to wear on Halloween, or you can ask everyone to dress according to a theme, such as their favorite superhero, monster, or sports player.

Make the party even more fun by having everyone act “in character” during the party. Just imagine how fun it will be to watch Darth Vader try to use the Force to guide the bowling ball down the lane, or listen to a monster roar with joy at a good score.

If you want to add another layer of fun, give out prizes for the best costume. Or, avoid potential meltdowns, and make sure every child gets a prize for something unique about their outfit. What should prizes be? Try a fall-themed bowling game to take home.

No matter what direction you go with the costumes, just make sure that everyone’s costumes allow them to bowl, and don’t forget that everyone will need to be able to wear bowling shoes.


Put together candy-themed kids bowling party favors.

You can’t have Halloween without candy, no matter what some of the stricter neighbors might think, and you can’t have a Halloween-themed kids bowling party without some sweet treats, either. So turn the party favors into a candy-infused delight for a seasonal twist on a birthday party standard.

For example, go simple with plastic bowling pins filled with jelly beans or gumballs. Hand out bowling-themed lollipops or mini-candies with bowling-themed wrappers. Or get a little more creative by combining Halloween and bowling themes with candy-corn filled bowling pins, Halloween-themed treat bags filled with Halloween-themed candy, or candy-laden treats with a ghoulish twist, like gloves filled with candy to look like the hands of the dead.


Family celebrating Halloween at IT'Z 2017

Don’t forget a Halloween-themed cake for your kids bowling party.

No matter what type of birthday party you have, cake is always on the menu. Take that traditional confection and use it as a way to celebrate the season with a little creativity and a lot of spookiness. Embrace colors like orange and black, invest in toppers like ghosts and goblins, or hire a professional to create a spooky look using fondant and icing.

Never fear; even nervous children can enjoy a delicious Halloween cake if you want to avoid ghosts and goblins and stories of terror. Consider adding candy pumpkins and orange frosting, or turn the cake into a Jack O’Lantern. Simply frost the cake with orange and a jack o’ lantern face and a green frosting topping for the stem.

Does your child prefer or need a non-sweet cake? You can always carve a watermelon with a jack o’ lantern face and fill it with fruit salad. Your creativity is truly the only limit when it comes to transforming the cake into a Halloween-themed delight for your kids bowling party.


Try some trick or treating at the kids bowling party.

Finally, if you really want to make it feel like Halloween, you might want to consider working in some trick or treating. You can always have the kids go around to the parents to get some treats, or even give away a treat for every bowling pin knocked over. Or, consider making trick or treating in your neighborhood a group event after the kids bowling party. There is no such thing as too much fun, especially around a kid-friendly holiday like Halloween.

You could also plan to have your party on Halloween. From 5-9 p.m., we are holding a Trick or Treat event at our venues. Have your kids bowling party and then move on over to our special Halloween event. Spooky fun, trick or treating, costumes, and bowling. What more do you need for some memorable family fun?

Here at iT’Z, we offer birthday party deals, kids birthday party packages, and bowling packages to suit any of your needs. And if you want to have your party in October, you can feel free to dress it up with a Halloween theme. Bring a cake, spookify some favors, and have everyone wear their costumes. You’ll end up with a Halloween bowling party everyone will remember.