Things to Do in Euless (That Are Actually in Euless)

Rock Climbing Wall at iT'ZEuless may be less than 30 minutes from Dallas, but that doesn’t mean you want to make the drive every time you need some family fun. In fact, a local option might just be ideal if you only have a couple of hours to spend with your kids or you need to get back for another commitment (like, you know, bedtime). If you want some family-friendly ideas right here in town, consider this list of things to do in Euless, TX. And don’t forget that the most family-friendly activities (combined with a pretty impressive buffet) exist in one location: Our Euless iT’Z activity center.


Things to do in Euless, TX include Heritage Park.
When the weather outside is delightful and the thought of being inside is frightful, you may want to find things to do in Euless that are outdoors. In that case, consider heading to Heritage Park. Not only is this 4-acre park chock-full of playground equipment and a quarter-mile walking trail, but it also houses a number of historic Euless buildings. Do you want to learn more about the city’s first brick house or look at one of the area’s oldest buildings? Heritage Park, and its corresponding Euless History Museum, are the places to be.


Things to do in Euless, TX include Villages of Bear Creek Park.
More outdoor fun awaits your family at this second park in Euless. The Villages of Bear Creek Park doesn’t actually boast any bears (you’re welcome). But what it does have are extensive walking trails, a playground and, perhaps most exciting of all for the kids, a creek. You may have to bring your rain boots because you know the kids will be in the creek, but don’t let that stop you from enjoying the outdoors with your family.

Even the furry members of the family can come along, with the trails open to dog walkers and a dog park listed among the park’s amenities. If you want to enjoy even more fun, bring a picnic or plan to enjoy an event at the park’s amphitheatre.

Outdoor things to do in Euless can keep your family busy right in town. And, you get the added bonus of being able to get the family outside. We know how hard that can be sometimes. However, the weather isn’t always nice in Euless, and sometimes kids outgrow the playground.

If either of these situations apply to you, you may want to consider indoor things to do in Euless, TX, at our iT’Z location. Hit up our arcade for new and old games alike, and get your exercise chasing your kids around the laser tag arena. An indoor rock climbing wall is also the perfect way to enjoy some physical activity when being outside just isn’t practical. Indoor and outdoor fun are both available right here in Euless.


Things to do in Euless, TX include entertainment for the smallest ones.
If you have little ones in your family, you know the challenge of keeping them entertained. Or maybe not entertained so much as keeping them away from danger while they are entertaining themselves. Why do kids have a self destruct button, anyway?

And unfortunately, many things to do in Euless, TX, and elsewhere, are hard to do with both big and little kids together. You want the big kids to have fun without turning the outing into a nightmare, trying to wrangle the little ones. However, do not despair. There are things to do in Euless that are perfect for little and big kids alike. And, you guessed it, many of them are right here at iT’Z.

Take, for example, bowling. There are multiple bowling options in Euless. However, there aren’t many places in town, besides iT’Z, that offer mini bowling. This real bowling on a mini scale means that little hands can grip smaller balls and be successful on shorter lanes. And we dare you to have less fun yourself on the smaller scale. Things to do in Euless that include both the big and the little? Sign us up!


Things to do in Euless, TX include Glade Parks Town Center
Dallas is not the only location for incredible shopping. Glade Parks Town Center is a rapidly-expanding shopping center with a variety of stores and attractions that give you plenty of things to do in Euless itself. From health and beauty to entertainment to clothes, arts, and crafts, you can find pretty much whatever you are looking for at the Town Center.

However, don’t forget to satisfy your family’s craving for some laid back time together, too. If the kids are getting antsy or you are afraid that stopping at one more store will instigate a revolt, consider heading over the Euless location of iT’Z. Here we have plenty of food for the entire family, including pasta, pizza, salads, and more. Fuel up before or after shopping to make sure everyone can get through the stores without a meltdown (including you).

In addition, burn off some of your kids’ restless energy by sending them off to play a game of laser tag, climb our indoor rock wall, or take on some bowling. An hour or two in our fun activities center is sure to reset everyone’s grumpy button. You might even get a little more shopping out of the crew afterwards. You are welcome.

Finding things to do in Euless is probably easier than you think. So don’t go into Dallas the next time you want some fun close to home. Consider some of the local attractions, and don’t forget that iT’Z offers just about everything you need for a fun day out. Visit the parks but make time for indoor fun. Consider activities for the little ones. And hit up the shopping at the Town Center, but plan to stop by iT’Z for food and fun when the shopping gets old. iT’Z the place to be for incredibly fun things to do in Euless.