Not All Fun and Games: Look for These Other Qualities in Kids Birthday Party Venues

Kids's celebrating a birthday at iT'ZCelebrations for your child’s birthday can be one of the highlights of the year, for them and for you. While there are lots of elements that go into a successful birthday party (like the CAKE), one of the most important is the venue that you choose.

You could always hold the party at home, but we are assuming you want to save yourself some work and give your child access to activities they might not normally get to enjoy. With dozens of kids birthday party venues out there, which one do you choose? We know which one we would choose, but here is a list of things to consider that go beyond the obvious “Fun place with kid stuff to do.”


Look for kids birthday party venues that have engaging staff.

Obviously, the goal of the birthday party is to have fun. Any kids’ birthday party venues that can’t deliver that essential element should be crossed off your list right away. And we aren’t talking about not offering fun activities. We are talking about the environment that the staff creates when you show up.

Finding a place with engaging staff who love to have fun is going to require an in-person visit. Meet the people who will be manning the party. Watch them in action. Observe how the people at the kids’ birthday party venues are responding. And choose a place that is vibrant, fun, and full of staff that make you feel like playing too.


Look for kids birthday party venues that have all-inclusive birthday party packages.

There are birthday party packages and then there are birthday party packages. Most kids’ birthday party venues offer packages that allow you to bring a certain number of kids to do a certain activity for a certain amount of time. But you don’t want to show up the day of and find out you should have brought the paper products and ordered the pizza. You need to find kids birthday party venues that offer all inclusive packages. What should be included? Look for venues where all you have to do is bring the cake and that offers at least the following:

  • Food
  • Favors
  • Paper Products
  • Balloons
  • Activities
  • Drinks
  • Reserved Party Space
  • Party Host
  • Invitations


Look for kids birthday party venues that are age appropriate.

That ninja warrior spot isn’t going to work for your 4 year old, but that bounce house location might just bore your tween to death. You want to find kids birthday party venues that cater to the age group you will be bringing. And if you plan to bring a range of ages (because that tween and four year old are siblings, for example), you want kids birthday party venues that can accommodate all ages.

This means finding out what activities will work best for your age group, then finding a location that offers those activities. And if you have mixed ages, you will want a place like iT’Z that offers lots of different fun things to do to satisfy kids of any age.


Look for kids birthday party venues that match your child’s personality.

Your adventurous kid might be up for climbing an indoor rock wall, but your quiet child might be happier playing video games. When you look for kids’ birthday party venues, you need to take these personality differences into consideration and find a spot that your birthday child will genuinely love.

For example, your resident daredevil may enjoy swinging from an indoor rock wall or bouncing around a bumper cars arena. Your quiet child, however, might prefer a trip to the video arcade or a few rounds of bowling. When looking for kids’ birthday party venues, also take party size into consideration. Can they handle your social butterfly’s blowout bash or accommodate a smaller group?


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Look for kids birthday party venues that are easy to get to.

The perfect kids’ birthday party venues don’t just make the kids happy. They make parents happy, too. In particular, the right venues offer easy access for parents who are strapped for time. No one wants to travel an hour away to a birthday party. They don’t want to drive around looking for parking. They don’t want to battle crowds to reach your party.

As a result, when looking for kids birthday party venues, look for those that are located conveniently for you and the parents of your party guests. Choose venues that are close for everyone, easy to get to, with ample parking and a quick and easy way to locate your party. Parents will thank you.


Look for kids birthday party venues that are safe.

Finally, don’t be wowed just by the activities offered at the kids birthday party venues you visit. Also make sure that those venues are safe for the kids who will be playing, bouncing, running, and jumping on the equipment. For example, find out what the rules are for indoor rock climbing. Look into the safety measures in place for laser tag. And make sure that the venue has the proper equipment for any activities you undertake.

The right kids’ birthday party venues are obviously going to offer you some incredible fun wrapped in some appealing birthday party packages. Don’t judge a book by its cover, or a venue by its games, however. You want to make sure the kids’ birthday party venues you choose meet some other criteria as well. Choose the ones that have engaging staff, that have all-inclusive birthday party packages, that are age-appropriate, that mesh with your child’s personality, that are easy to get to, and that are safe. And consider choosing iT’Z. With years of experience in entertaining kids and families alike, we can handle any of your birthday party needs.