Pizza Places with a Twist: How to Have Fun and Eat Dinner out with Your Kids

Pizza PartyPickiness. Whining. Fidgeting…If any of that sounds familiar, you know how difficult it can be to eat dinner out with your kids. But it is possible not just to successfully eat out with kids but to enjoy it too (stop laughing; we’re serious). Start with pizza places because almost everyone loves pizza. And then look for spots that offer you just a bit more. Here are a few tips about what to look for in the perfect pizza place for families.

Select pizza places that offer more than just pizza.

Yes, your kids think they want pizza now, but they may decide to ask for mac n’ cheese or

spaghetti as soon as you sit down. Avoid the frustration (and the meltdowns) by choosing pizza places that specialize in more than just pizza.

For example, here at iT’Z, we offer a menu full of kid-friendly, adult-pleasing foods that are sure to tickle your children’s taste buds. Are they turning their noses up at pizza? Try one of our pasta dishes. Pasta not quite their thing? They might just like some soup or they might like to sample our baked potato bar.

Arranged as a buffet, served piping hot, and created by chefs who know how to combine adult preferences with kid friendly meals, our menu is sure to please anyone. So bring on your picky eaters and let them change their minds about what they want to eat. You can laugh at their fickleness and offer them something they will really enjoy.


Choose pizza places that let you build your own pizza.

You might never have heard of sausage and pineapple pizza, but that won’t stop your child from asking for it. Humor their creative requests and keep the peace by choosing pizza places that let you build your own pizza. When you give your child creative license over their meal, they end up with a dish they love, and you end up with a successful dining experience.

Here at iT’Z, we offer a number of pizza staples (like pepperoni pizza and sausage pizza). But we also let you build your own pizza with toppings as varied as basil and pineapple, Italian sausage and bell pepper. That means that you can create the pizza of your child’s dreams (and the dining experience of your dreams).


Choose pizza places that offer a buffet.

If you’re honest, most of the stress around dining out with kids occurs during the wait for your food, right? Somehow sitting quietly in a booth while the meal is cooked is just a little too boring for a lot of kids. And bored kids tend to be loud, or whiny, or just a little too rambunctious.

So prevent problems before they start by choosing pizza places that have a buffet. Here at iT’Z, our buffet gives you access to food that tastes as good as anything from a sit down restaurant while allowing your kids to access the food immediately. No waiting equals happy kids and a better dining experience.


Choose pizza places that offer fun activities for the kids.

Sometimes, the little toys and books you bring to keep your children entertained are just not enough (or you’re afraid the patrons in the next booth over might just murder you if that little car ends up in their salad one more time). Rather than worry about keeping your kids entertained, try selecting pizza places that offer fun activities for the kids in addition to the food.

For example, at iT’Z, not only do we serve food as a buffet (no waiting!) but our fun activities venue is chock full of exciting activities geared toward kids (and kids at heart). Hop on the bumper cars for a little amusement park fun, or hit up the laser tag with the older ones. You can even go bowling (we have mini bowling for your mini humans) or play video games in our retro arcade. You can hang out in our fun activities venue before your meal, skip the meal altogether or, if you are smart, use the possibility of playing games as motivation to keep everyone happy as they eat.


Opt for the fun dining rooms.

What if the dining room itself was one of the main attractions? You probably wouldn’t have much trouble entertaining your kids if the dining space could do it for you. Don’t believe that such things exist? Then you have clearly never been inside one of our dining rooms. Here at iT’Z, we offer four dining rooms, each with a different (and fun) theme to make your dining experience even more entertaining.

For example, our gametime room offers you access to whatever sport you prefer (yes, even golf or curling). Older kids can enjoy watching their favorite teams play while they eat the perfect food for celebrating victory (or softening the sting of defeat). Our Toon’z room offers up Saturday morning classics for your viewing pleasure. And our movie room allows you and your family to enjoy a film together while you eat.

With choices as diverse and interesting as those, we dare you to be bored or whiny while you eat. And if none of those options work for your kids, at least you have novel decorations, delicious food (and the promise of fun activities coming right up) to get you through the meal.

Eating out with your kids can be fun. You just need to pick the right pizza place. So the next time you want some pizza and peace, stop by iT’Z. We offer you the perfect combination of great food (that your kids will actually eat) and great activities (that the whole family will enjoy). And that means that everyone in your house can enjoy an afternoon or an evening out together. Yes, miracles do happen.

We offer a variety of food, a variety of pizza, fun dining rooms and awesome activities. You won’t be disappointed, and neither will your kids. And don’t forget, pizza is included in pizza birthday party packages. iT’Z is the place to party!