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It's every man for himself in our interactive group laser game. Better get to dodging those laser beams.

Heart Racing. Adrenaline Pumping. Laser Tag Fun.

Your goals in laser tag might be simple: Take out your opponent and don’t get hit. But, in our virtual war zone, those two goals become a heart racing, adrenaline pumping challenge that will keep you on your toes.

Just imagine the setting: You are making your way through a fog filled obstacle course, hiding behind glowing pillars and ducking beneath cover as your opponent moves in. Do you stand up and shoot, hoping to take them out? Or do you hide, heart racing, as they walk by?

The choices you make could mean victory or defeat for you and your team in this interactive group game. Add in adrenaline pumping music, and you have the perfect environment to find what you and your friends are made of as you compete with other teams for the most points in this laser tag game.

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Come Enjoy Laser Tag with Family or Friends at iT’Z Today.


It is a fantastic group outing activity for your whole crew. Or, just bring a few friends to see who is the sharpshooter! Laser tag even makes for an epic birthday party!

Battle in the laser tag arena at our locations in Euless and Pasadena.

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