Here Is Why a Kids Bowling Party Rocks

Father and Son BowlingPlanning a kids birthday party can feel a little like Mission:Impossible. Get a group of kids to enjoy the same activity together for a couple of hours and survive the cake-induced sugar high? Pull that off, and you can officially consider yourself a party planning ninja. Lucky for you, we here at iT’Z have a secret to achieving this goal: A kids bowling party. You’re going to want to consider this type of party for several reasons. Here are just a few.


A kids’ bowling party rocks because it lets kids knock things over.

Your broken breakables can testify: Kids are anything but gentle when they are excited. When it comes to throwing a birthday party for your favorite little hooligan, this tendency toward breakage might just have you scrambling to put up anything that isn’t firmly bolted to the floor.

However, since you know that things are going to get bumped and bashed anyway, why not throw a party that channels this innate destructiveness in totally fun ways? That’s right: Throw a kids bowling party. After all, what other activity literally encourages children to throw balls and knock things over? Let them get their energy and need for destructiveness out on the bowling lane, where the balls can’t go anywhere dangerous and the gutter is there to stop any balls that get thrown a little too hard.

By throwing a kids bowling party, you can save your breakables from the gaggle of gangsters known as party guests and let kids have as much fun as they want knocking stuff over in an environment that encourages their wild side. And at iT’Z, even the littlest kids can get in on the action with our mini bowling lanes that are smaller in size but packed just as full of fun as the regulars.


A kids bowling party rocks because it encourages inclusion.

Not everyone can climb an indoor rock wall, take out opponents in an adrenaline-pumping game of laser tag, or even get the tail right on pin the tail on the donkey. But what everyone can do is bowl. The simple premise of rolling a ball down a lane, paired with the option of gutter bumpers, mini-bowling, and teamwork, means that anyone, big or small, can succeed at this game. And that makes a kids bowling party a rocking idea for anyone looking for an activity that a whole group of kids can do without the usual teasing, bragging, or accidental exclusion of those who just can’t manage to play the game.

If you want to make your kids bowling party even more fun for everyone, consider playing bowling games that will level the playing field even more. For example, have everyone choose a different silly thing to do when they bowl, like rolling the ball backward between their legs. That will produce a fun challenge for even the best players. Add in creative prizes for everything from lowest scorer to silliest roller, and you are sure to have a kids bowling party that will have everyone happily bragging about their own unique accomplishments.


A kids bowling party rocks because it is easy.

You could spend hours creating fun games for a themed birthday party at your house. You could carefully handcraft a cake made from scratch. And you could definitely build beautiful decorations to bring your birthday theme to life. Or, you could save yourself the time (and spend it doing something relaxing) by throwing a kids bowling party instead.

Go ahead and craft a rocking kids bowling party from the comfort of your home (or even couch, if you want). All you have to do is reserve one of our bowling birthday packages, mail out the invitations that are downloadable right from our website, and show up the day of for a couple hours of guaranteed fun. What we take care of: The bowling, paper products, a balloon bouquet, and even a party host to make sure things run smoothly.

With the right venue, you can enjoy a kids bowling party: The perfect combination of fun for the kids and easy peasy planning for the parents.


A kids bowling party rocks because it is fun.

There are lots of easy, inclusive, and totally boring options for a kids birthday party, but lucky for you, bowling is not one of them. There’s a reason bowling has been a popular pursuit for kids for all these years: It is fun. And when you turn it into a kids bowling party, you hit the jackpot of fun and easy to make both parents and kids completely happy.

There aren’t many kids who would complain about getting to throw a ball indoors. And even fewer who would complain about a pizza and pasta buffet, bowling games, and special themed prizes. So add fun to your list of reasons to hold a kids bowling party for your favorite little person’s next birthday event: We bet they will be talking about it for many birthdays to come.

Bowling makes a great idea for a kids birthday party. Fun, and inclusive, easy and suited for rowdy children, it provides a great way to quickly put together a memorable celebration of your child’s life. The next time you want to throw a kids birthday party, do not hesitate to reach out to iT’Z. With birthday party packages ready, as well as plenty of bowling lanes and a delicious buffet, you can throw a kids bowling party to remember.