Kids Bowling Party Favor Ideas

Score the perfect party for your child with a kids bowling party. Accessible for just about everyone, and universally fun, what’s not to love? And if you pick a great bowling location, like iT’Z, with its bowling party packages created with kids in mind, you will enjoy the perfect party with minimal work. (There are even free birthday party invitations to download on this page!)

If you really want to get creative when it comes to kids bowling parties, offer some party favors that go beyond trinkets and candy. Here are some fun favor ideas to up your party game.


Create personalized trophies for your kids bowling party.

Make each of your guests feel like a champion with personalized trophies. Purchase inexpensive trophies from your favorite store, and add each child’s name with glitter glue, simple stickers, or some careful handwriting. Fill the trophies with candy if you want to add something sweet, and you are well on your way to honoring each guest’s contribution to a successful party. You can even spice up the awards ceremony and come up with a special reason each child wins their award.


Create your own bowling balloons for the kids bowling party.

A hit with just about everyone under the age of 12, balloons make the perfect party favor. You can buy themed bowling balloons if you want, or you can go the DIY (and money-saver) route by tailoring regular balloons to your bowling theme. Just buy black balloons, add round white label stickers, and you instantly have floating bowling balls that the kids can take home.


Give away bowling-themed T-shirts for your little bowling team.

Bowling-themed clothing could be the way to really excite a group of young birthday guests. A personalized twist can turn an average T-shirt into a sweet memento of your kids bowling party. For example, have them printed with the date and the guest of honor’s name and age. Or, have bowling balls or bowling pins printed on the shirt along with each child’s name. If you are feeling adventurous, you can even create the look yourself with fabric paints or iron-on patches. Use number stencils for a little “bowling team” theme.


Hand out goodie bags made of bowling pins.

For simple and predictable, buy bowling goodie bags to fill with candy and trinkets. For an unexpected kids bowling party favor, however, grab some toy plastic bowling pins and turn those into the receptacles of amazing party favors. All you have to do is slice the top of the pin off most of the way, and fill the pin with the favors of your choice. Then tape the top closed with brightly colored tape and watch the kids’ eyes light up at your clever (but still frugal) favor idea.


Bake bowling pin sugar cookies for the kids bowling party.

This idea might take a little extra work, but the rewards are worth it if you love to bake. Simply purchase bowling pin cookie cutters (some even come with accompanying bowling ball cutters) and create some themed sugar cookies. Buy a little icing to add the finishing touches, and wrap them up in cellophane for a beautiful and perfectly themed kids bowling party favor. Remember to check with the bowling ally venue to make sure you are allowed to bring in your own dessert.


Purchase some mini bowling games.

Let the kids take the bowling fun home with them with their very own mini bowling game. You can buy pint-sized bowling pins and balls, or invest a little more in games that come with their own mini bowling lane.


Hand out bowling picture frames.

Preserve the memories of your kids’ bowling party with bowling-themed picture frames. If you have time to kill during the party, you can even bring the materials and have the kids make the frames themselves. You get bonus points if you give the kids a picture from the day to put in their special frame, or send that picture out with the thank you cards.


Don’t forget the candy for the kids bowling party.

If your birthday star is a sweets lover, you will probably be sending your child’s guests home sugared up on cake and candy after their bowling extravaganza. But since you can never have too much candy, consider sending them home with some candy in a bowling-themed container. From miniature plastic bowling pin containers to simple plastic tubes filled with gumballs, a candy gesture is a sweet way to cap a kids bowling party.


Hydrate guests with bowling pin water bottles.

Your guests are going to work up a thirst after hitting the bowling lanes. Quench their thirst and send them home with a memento of your kids bowling party by purchasing bowling pin water bottles. Complete with a straw and cap, these bottles will be an instant hit that kids can reuse over and over again.


Hand out gift cards for a return trip for bowling.

If you really want to go all out with kids bowling party favors, think about buying gift cards so kids can return to the scene of the fun later on. At iT’Z, you can purchase gift cards ahead of time or the day of so your guests can come back and check out everything iT’Z has to offer. With a favor like that, you’ll be the talk of your child’s class for weeks to come.

The right kids bowling party favor mixes whimsy and fun, theme and practicality for the ideal gift to please kids and parents alike. Consider any of the above ideas to add the perfect finishing touch to your next party. And don’t forget to check out iT’Z and our birthday party packages for your next kids bowling party. With lots of bowling time, included amenities, and a great price, you can set up a memorable day for your child with almost no effort at all.