5 Popular Kids Bowling Games to Try at Your Next Birthday Party

Kids Bowling

Look no further for birthday party places for kids than bowling alleys like the ones provided by iT’Z. With bowling birthday packages that include kid-friendly features such as lightweight balls and gutter bumpers, you can set yourself up for a successful and fun birthday party for your child and their friends.

While bowling in and of itself offers lots of entertainment for both kids and adults, you can spice up the party by introducing games into your next kids bowling party. These games are simple, inexpensive, and fun. If you also offer prizes (such as trophies, candy, or bowling-themed favors) you can ensure a memorable and hilarious good time for everyone.

Funky Bowling for kids makes bowling a silly event.

Kids love to be silly, and Funky Bowling lets them be just that. This game forces players to throw the ball in a different, silly way for each frame. For example, on one frame, they may need to throw the ball between

someone else’s legs, while on another frame, they may need to bowl while hopping on one foot.

This game is not so much about competing with others as it is about injecting added levity into your next kids bowling party. Funky Bowling can also make bowling more fun for kids who are inexperienced or unsure about how to bowl the regular way.

Bowling Bingo melds bingo and bowling at your kids bowling party into one big competition.

For an older kids bowling party, you can combine bingo and bowling into a friendly competition. You can either print out bowling bingo cards or make up your own. Each card should include the numbers 1-10, as well as common bowling occurrences, such as spare, strike, and gutter ball.

You can then hand a card to each player or divide players up into teams. Each person or team then marks off each square as the game progresses. For example, if someone bowls a strike, they would cross of the square that says “strike” in it.

The first person to cross off a row on their sheet (or the first team to do so) shouts “Bingo” and wins the game. You can offer prizes as simple as plastic trophies or candy bags for those who successfully reach a bingo during the kids bowling game.

Race Against the Ball keeps kids occupied while others are bowling.

Stave off boredom at your next kids bowling party with Race Against the Ball. This game requires either the person bowling or the other children to complete challenges while the ball rolls down the lane.

For example, as soon as the bowler releases the ball, they may need to count backward from one hundred, count as high as possible, recite as many ice cream flavors as possible, and so forth. Or, you can include the other children by asking them to complete these challenges as well.

If you want to make the game into a true competition, offer prizes for the person who can complete their challenge the fastest, recite the most items, and so forth. This game will keep everyone engaged even when they are waiting for their turn to bowl.

Odd or Even Bowling during a kids bowling party introduces challenges based on how the bowling goes.

Another way to introduce some friendly competition and fun challenges into your next kids bowling party is to play Odd or Even Bowling. To play this game, you simply create lists of challenges (similar to those used in Race Against the Ball). You then divide these challenges up into two bowls. One bowl is labeled “Even,” and the other is labeled “Odd.”

When the person bowling knocks down an even number of pins, they draw a challenge from the even bowl. When they knock down an odd number of pins, they draw a challenge from the odd bowl. You can offer prizes for the children who successfully complete their challenges. Add a twist to the game by making either even or odd challenges easier or harder than the rest and watch the kids have fun trying to knock down the “right” number of pins to earn the kind of challenge they want.

Bowling Truth or Dare is a fun kids bowling party twist on Odd or Even Bowling.

Kid Enjoying Bowling

If you are feeling brave, and you are playing with older kids, you can play Bowling Truth or Dare at your next kids bowling party. This game is the same as regular Truth and Dare, except which the bowler needs to answer depends upon how many pins they knock down.

For example, you can make even pins Truth and odd pins Dare. That way, if someone knocks down 3 pins, for example, they must complete a dare, while if they knock down 4 pins, they must complete a Truth challenge.

If you want to keep the game from getting too wild, you could write down Truth and Dare challenges ahead of time. Then the player simply chooses one from the correct bowl. Anyone who bowls a strike does not have to complete a Truth or a Dare.

A kids bowling party can be a fun and memorable way to celebrate a birthday or other special event in your child’s life. With the right bowling games, you can keep the hilarity and good times alive throughout the entire party. Whether you play Funky Bowling to make things silly, Bowling Bingo to help everyone participate, Race Against the Ball with its friendly challenges, Odd and Even Bowling based on the number of pins knocked down, or Truth or Dare for fun with older kids, bowling games can make your kids bowling party a stellar event.

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