Five Features to Look for in a Kids Birthday Party Venue

Kids Enjoying Birthday PartyA successful kids birthday party begins with the venue. The right spot will create a fun, engaging, and celebratory environment that will keep the kids happy for hours. The wrong kids birthday party venue, on the other hand, will leave you with quiet kids and boring memories. In order to avoid that kind of #fail, you need to do your research ahead of time.

But what do you look for in the right kids birthday party venue? While there are lots of factors you could consider, there are only 5 that really determine the level of fun the kids have and the level of stress you experience. To maximize the former and minimize the latter, look for the following (and take a peek at how iT’Z measures up).

Look for a kids birthday party venue that offers a variety of birthday event packages.

You are buying a birthday party package, right? These packages guarantee you access to the activities of your choice and take care of details such as food, balloons, and even party favors. And, they usually offer all of these perks for a lower price that doing it all yourself (Yes, you can have your [birthday] cake and eat it too).

Since the package you purchase will have such a large impact on the kind of party you hold, it is important to find a venue that gives you lots of choice. As a result, the best kids birthday party venues will offer you a variety of birthday event packages from which to choose.

Preferably, these packages will give you a range of options for both the theme of the party and the price you pay (i.e. A lower price for a simpler menu, smaller party, fewer decorations, etc.). By doing so, they allow you to craft the budget, experience, and amenities you need for the perfect birthday celebration.

The value of variety is one of the reasons we here at iT’Z allow you to choose from two different themes (a traditional and a bowling birthday party package). In addition, each package comes with different tiers that allow you to tailor the experience and the price to your needs. The perfect package for both kids and adults? Talk about a win-win.


Look for a kids birthday party venue that offers a variety of activities.

What every kid wants at a party is to have fun. But what counts as fun varies from child to child, and what you don’t want are children standing around bored because they don’t like the activity you chose.

That is why variety is also key when looking at the activities a kids birthday party venue offers. Does the venue insist on forcing all of the children to participate in a single event? Can the guests choose their own fun? And how diverse are the activities on offer? The wider the selection, the happier you and your little guests will be.

Here at iT’Z, we have variety covered. From indoor rock climbing to laser tag, to bowling and bumper cars, and even an arcade, we offer something for everyone. And with the right birthday event package, we can guarantee you unlimited access to the attractions of your choice.


Look for a kids birthday party venue with private space for celebrating.

Another important quality to look for in a kids birthday party venue is a private space for the event. Ensure that the venue you select can give you private space, at least for the cake and presents, if not for the activities themselves. When you have a room or an activity to yourself, you get to relax and let the kids have fun, rather than worrying about the impact your presence will have on others.

Here at iT’Z, we provide you with guaranteed reserved seating for your party for up to an hour and a half. For an additional $25, your party can have a completely private space for celebrating. This means that you can focus on your child and their special day instead of on what others around you are doing. Stress free and fun? Birthday parties have never been easier.


Look for a kids birthday party venue that provides you with on-site support.

When you are trying to organize a party, the last thing you want to do is worry about last minute problems instead of enjoying your child’s big day. Instead of worrying about cake cutters and plates, messes and missing favors, choose a kids birthday party venue that offers you on-site support.

Here at iT’Z, that is exactly what you get with any of your birthday event packages. From the moment you walk in the door the day of until the moment the party wraps up, you have access to a dedicated party host who will make sure everyone stays safe, has fun, and gets everything they need. Plus, leading up to your big celebration, you enjoy the support of our experienced and professional staff.

The result of all this support? You get to enjoy your child, worry-free, while we make sure everything happens perfectly for your child’s special day.


Look for a kids birthday party venue that pays attention to details.

A party is more than a venue, an activity, and some cake. There are dozens of details that go into organizing the perfect celebration. From invitations to paper products, you want everything to look just right.

To help you achieve the right look, and save you some time, find a kids birthday party venue that pays as much attention to the details as you do. Whether this means providing you with a cake cutter and paper products or ensuring that your child has a special gift, these details make the difference between a basic celebration and a truly memorable bash.

Here at iT’Z, all of our kids birthday party packages come with amenities that ensure that every detail of the day goes smoothly. For example, we provide you with invitations to save you time and effort; provide you with paper products and balloons, and even give a special gift to your child. The result? A party that is perfect, down to the last detail.

If you are looking for the perfect kids birthday party venue, you can hardly do better than iT’Z. From offering you a variety of birthday party packages, to giving you private space for your celebration, offering you on site support, and taking care of the details, we guarantee you an experience that is fun, rewarding, and ideal for celebrating your child’s life.