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Atomic RushAs families settle into summer and start taking advantage of school-less days to have some fun, they often encounter what can only be described as boredom. That’s right: Those activities that felt new and fresh when school let out in June might just start feeling routine right about now. Don’t worry; you just need the right venue to pull you out so you can blaze some new trails of fun this season.

We know where you can go when you feel like searching for “Indoor fun for kids near me.” Come on over to iT’Z. We offer pretty much unlimited fun in the form of laser tag (found in Euless and Pasadena), bowling, bumper cars, an arcade, indoor rock climbing (found in Euless and Willowbrook), and more. None of these activities are your standard fare, unless of course you think that cresting a 28-foot high wall and feeling the accompanying adrenaline rush is the same old same old.

But we would also like to introduce you to some of our lesser known, but equally amazing, games for kids. From an indoor roller coaster ride for kids to an LED light show that will keep you hopping, these attractions are sure to spice up your summer plans with new and improved fun for the fam.

Embrace the rush of adrenaline available in our Atomic Rush game.

If someone told you that you were going to spend the day chasing flashing LED lights, you might be tempted to tell them to find a cat to chase those lights instead. But don’t cross Atomic Rush Arcade off your list quite yet. Those feline friends of ours might just know something we don’t. The rush of being the first to hit those lights can make for some epic fun.

Exclusive to our locations in Euless and Pasadena, The Atomic Rush Arcade has a simple premise: Be the first to tap your color of flashing LED lights. Pitted against your family and friends, this is a great way to show off your lightning fast reflexes and sharp eye.

The execution of the Atomic Rush game is going to challenge you. The colors come and go at, well, the speed of light. You have to be quick to capture them. Each game only lasts one minute, but if you’re fast, you might just be surprised at how many of those little lights you can catch.

What’s the appeal of this game? The rush of adrenaline as you wait for and pounce on your color, or the fact that kids and adults of all ages can play this game. Now you have the perfect way to enjoy arcade games for kids and adults alike. And don’t forget the other appeal of our Atomic Rush game: The bragging rights you earn when you out dance, out tap, and out win everyone in your group.


indoor roller coaster

Our indoor roller coaster ride for kids will keep the fun flying all day long.

Roller coasters have long been the purview of outside amusement parks and carnivals. Sure they’re fun, but if it rains, you’re out of luck. Not so at iT’Z. Here we have an indoor roller coaster ride for kids that is the ideal way to pass a rainy afternoon or an excessively hot day.

Called the Disk O, and exclusive to our Willowbrook location, this indoor roller coaster ride for kids offers you some definite advantages over pursuing the outdoor versions. For starters, this roller coaster is a manageable size. No terrifying drops on this roller coaster either. On the other hand, the seats do twirl and spin as you travel up and down and all around. You might want to make sure you ride this indoor roller coaster ride for kids on an empty stomach.

Other reasons to ride the Disk O? It’s colorful and fun and ideal for kids and adults alike. Take the whole family for a spin. Hold onto your little one. Introduce your nervous child to the joys of a roller coaster that isn’t too overwhelming. And, most of all, enjoy a thrilling way to enjoy a roller coaster ride for kids without ever having to contend with the weather.


Let fun out of the box with our Monkey Jump ride.

Don’t make the mistake of putting fun in a box. A good time with family and friends is about way more than your average game of bowling or your standard pizza party. When you look for “indoor fun for kids near me,” don’t forget to try out the Monkey Jump ride at iT’Z in Pasadena and Willowbrook. With this creative take on indoor entertainment, you get to see the bottom drop (literally) out of your preconceived notions of fun.

The premise of the Monkey Jump ride is relatively simple. You strap in and go up, up, up to the top of our arcade. Down below, far below, are all of our arcade games for kids and adults. Don’t get too lost in dreaming about your next adventure, though. Just when you’ve begun to think that maybe some Pac Man or laser tag is calling your name, you’ll find your stomach dropping along with the ride.

Don’t worry; this thrilling ride is totally safe. It just delivers a punch of adrenaline and a few genuine screams of terror before it delivers you safely back to the arcade floor, where you could play our arcade games for kids. But, we dare you to go again, and again.


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Navigate an intense maze of lights with our Lazer Maze game.

If you think laser tag is the only way to have fun with lasers, then you clearly haven’t ever played our Lazer Maze game. An incredible way to challenge your mind and your body, our Lazer Maze game is less about the lasers and more about your ability to strategize your way out of the maze.

The Lazer Maze game works by creating a maze of lasers. Your goal: Navigate the lights without racking up points. That means don’t touch the lights, but don’t dilly dally, either. Both will earn you points. See which members of your group can get through the Lazer Maze game with the least number of points.

Playing at iT’Z is all about choosing the games that will delight and enthrall you. And we have plenty to choose from. If you are looking for something new, consider some of our lesser known games (games vary by location). Whether you are dropping from the heights of Monkey Jump or gaining new heights as the victor of our Atomic Rush game, you have access to an incredible, and incredibly creative, good time.