Indoor Rock Climbing: Where Kids (and Adults) Can Climb Their Way to Confidence and More

Rock Climbing Wall For KidsWhat do you think of when you think about rock climbing? Do images of people hanging precariously from towering rock walls spring to mind? Do you think that such gravity-defying feats belong only to an experienced and talented few? Then you have not yet discovered the indoor rock climbing wall, or the benefits (and fun) it provides adults and kids alike. Read on to learn more about why indoor rock climbing could just become your family’s next favorite activity.

Indoor rock climbing is fun.

Let’s start with the obvious: Taking on an indoor rock climbing wall is just plain fun. As you climb higher and higher, your adrenaline kicks in, and a sense of excitement overtakes you. As you get closer to the top of our 20-foot wall, the sheer satisfaction of what you have accomplished sets in. And even if you don’t get to the top, setting yourself a challenge, and then meeting it, delivers the kind of adrenaline rush you won’t soon forget.

Indoor rock climbing is for adults and kids alike.

Finding things to do that the whole family will enjoy can be a challenge. What your teen loves might be beyond your younger child. What the younger children enjoy might be boring for the older kids. And don’t forget about finding an activity you won’t mind doing yourself for an afternoon.

Fortunately, indoor rock climbing is the best of all worlds. The 20-foot indoor rock climbing walls here at iT’Z offer plenty of challenge for older kids and adults, while still being scalable for the younger ones too. As a result, everyone can enjoy the sport at their own level, allowing your family to bond over an activity that is fun for all participants.


Indoor rock climbing builds self-confidence.

Afraid of heights? Lack confidence in your athletic ability? Never sure about your decision-making skills? Did you know that rock climbing can help? With our indoor rock climbing wall, you get the chance to confront that fear of heights with a harness securely around your waist, gain confidence as little by little you set goals and reach them, and learn that your decisions are actually capable of getting you to great heights (literally and figuratively). And if you think that sounds good, imagine how much better it will feel to also encourage your children to develop those traits through indoor rock climbing for kids.


 Indoor rock climbing teaches concentration and focus.

The demands of modern-day life make it difficult to focus. Computers and smartphones demand our attention 24/7. Multitasking is often a necessity to get through the day. And our jobs often throw more at us than we can easily handle. And this struggle with concentration often includes our children.

One way to counteract this issue is to go rock climbing. You won’t win any awards for multitasking on a 20-foot indoor rock climbing wall. In fact, you will quickly learn that any breaks in your focus make it harder to achieve your goals. The more you undertake this activity, the better you will become at focusing, and the easier it will be to carry your newfound skill into every area of your life.


Indoor rock climbing teaches problem solving skills.

Indoor rock climbing also has the ability to help you sharpen your problem solving skills. Even children can become better at evaluating a problem and finding a solution when they regularly climb. Ascending the indoor rock climbing wall means facing challenges that need solutions. Where do you place your hands? How do you move your feet? What is the smoothest way to the top? As you gradually find solutions to these challenges and make your way higher and higher up the wall, you will be strengthening problem solving skills that you can use in other areas of your life as well. Rock climbing isn’t just fun. It’s #selfimprovement.


Indoor rock climbing improves muscle strength and agility.

Everyone knows exercise is good for them, but most people also think that exercise is boring. If hitting the gym or taking up running don’t work for you, you might find rock climbing to be the best way of putting your body to work.

This activity isn’t just a way to spend an hour or two having fun. It also provides a thorough workout. In particular, it builds your muscle strength, coordination, and agility. As you concentrate on getting higher and higher up the wall, you are also getting stronger and stronger. You have fun; your body gets a workout. Talk about a win-win.


Indoor rock climbing encourages teamwork.

Finally, indoor rock climbing is a great activity to pursue because it teaches teamwork. For example, climbing together to reach goals requires communication. Belaying (preventing falls) requires putting your trust in someone else.

Thanks to the teamwork enhancing nature of indoor rock climbing, it is a perfect team building activity. As you work together with your group to scale a wall, or lean on your family members to complete a challenge you have set for yourself, you will find your ability to work with others enhanced. And that skill is also one that will stand you in good stead in other pursuits as well.

Indoor rock climbing can be a fun way for adults and kids to increase concentration, learn problem solving skills, improve muscle strength and agility, and learn teamwork. Here at iT’Z, it is also only one of many different activities you can enjoy with friends and family.

If you are looking for the perfect way to spend some time with your family or looking for group activities, you can’t go wrong with iT’Z. From laser tag to arcades, rock climbing to bowling, you can find fun things to do whenever the mood strikes.