Easy Indoor Birthday Party Places for Kids

Monkey JumpBirthdays offer a one-of-a-kind opportunity to celebrate your child and make them feel as special as you know they are. They can also feel like high pressure events: Kids want to keep up with the parties their friends throw, and you want to give them a celebration they will enjoy and remember.

But, you may also not have the time or space to create a stunning party at home. A small house or apartment, a nonexistent backyard, or a packed schedule mean many parents simply cannot manage to put together a party themselves.

This is one of the reasons that many parents today are opting to take their children’s parties to other venues. Not only do these birthday party places for kids provide everything needed for a fun time, but there is no set up, no clean up, and very little activity planning necessary for the hosts.

If you want an easy but fun spot to hold your child’s next birthday party, check out these 7 easy indoor birthday party places for kids. They offer you a range of options to tailor the party to your child’s interests, while making the entire experience easy for you.

A bowling alley builds entertainment and celebration into your child’s birthday party.

One popular indoor birthday party place for kids is the bowling alley. Many bowling alleys (Such as the one at iT’Z) offer bowling birthday packages that guarantee you uninterrupted time on the bowling lanes, as well as perks such as food and drink, shoe rentals, space to have cake and ice cream, and kid-friendly features like gutter bumpers and child-sized bowling balls. Add a few kids bowling games to keep kids entertained between turns, and you will have a memorable party with minimum effort.

Take advantage of the variety of activities available in an indoor fun center.

Another easy and fun indoor birthday party place for kids is an indoor fun center, like that offered by iT’Z. These centers provide access to a wide variety of activities that will appeal to a wide array of personalities and preferences. Games such as laser tag, bumper cars, and rock climbing allow kids to have fun in whatever way they choose. Birthday packages for kids can include adult supervision of these activities, decorations, a gift for the guest of honor, and a specified amount of time reserved for your party to enjoy the center’s games.

Go old school by using an arcade as a birthday party place for kids.

An arcade has the potential to provide an afternoon of fun for your child’s birthday party, thanks to its retro feel and engaging games. As a birthday party place for kids, an arcade will often offer you a certain number of tickets or a certain amount of unlimited play time, in addition to space for enjoying cake, gifts, and decorations. If you choose an arcade as the indoor birthday party place for your child’s party, you will gain access to a wide variety of games that will guarantee fun for every child who comes to the party.

A gym will often serve as an easy indoor birthday party place for kids by providing an energetic and themed celebration.

The gym isn’t only for grown ups. Family friendly fitness centers are spaces where kids are often welcomed. Many of these spaces offer birthday event packages tailored to the interests and ages of your child and their friends.

For example, very young children can enjoy a movement and music inspired party, while older kids can enjoy creative, movement-based games and imaginative adventures. Plus, if your child is into sports, they and their friends can sometimes have a sports-themed party complete with the chance to use the gym’s facilities to play the sport of their choice.

Head to a local museum to enjoy an educational and fun birthday event package.

If you want your child’s party to be more about fun learning than physical activity, you can always choose a local museum as the indoor birthday party place for your child’s next celebration. These museums often provide birthday event packages that allow you to enjoy a tour of the museum, hands on activities for the kids, a private place for cake, invitations, and favors for the guests. Just make sure the museum you choose has child-friendly events and exhibits.

Choose an arts and crafts location as a birthday party place for kids where your child and their friends can enjoy creativity and using their imaginations.

If your child is more into arts and crafts than exercise or museums, consider using an arts and crafts location as the spot for their birthday party. Some arts and crafts stores will provide low-cost parties where you can select and complete crafts from the store with the children. Other locations provide other types of artsy fun for kids. For example, ceramic studios might allow children to make or paint their own pottery, while a painting studio might let them create their own masterpieces.

Opt for a visit to an aquarium for a watery birthday party place for kids.

Finally, you can always host your party at an aquarium, where kids can tour the fascinating undersea creatures, learn more about the water, and enjoy crafts and tours designed just for them. These parties often provide a private space for celebrating, as well as themed favors for the kids who attend.

Which birthday party place for kids you choose, from a bowling alley to an aquarium, will depend largely on the personality of your child and their friends. That is why a space such as iT’Z is often the best choice when looking for an easy indoor birthday party place for kids. We offer a variety of birthday event packages to appeal to a wide range of children and budgets. Whether you want to focus on bowling, enjoy video games, dive into laser tag, or more, we can make a memorable and fun birthday party both easy and possible for you.