How to Teach Bowling to Kids

Father and Son BowlingWhen you want to have some family fun in the Houston area, bowling in Houston is always a good choice. The rules of bowling probably do not come naturally to kids, so the next time you go bowling, you may need to spend some time educating them on how to play the game. Rather than bore them with lectures on rules and techniques, try to instruct them in some fun and simple ways. Here are a few ideas to get you started.


Set them up for success while bowling in Houston.

If you want your kids to enjoy learning about bowling, you need to let them enjoy the taste of success. Make it possible for them to succeed from the very beginning by using bowling bumpers. These helpful mechanical features prevent the balls from drifting into the dreaded gutter. This improves the chances that your child will get the ball to the pins.

Do bumpers remove one of the fun challenges of the game? Absolutely. Is it worth it to see your children enjoying the sight and sound of pins crashing down? No question. So when teaching your children how to bowl, take them to a bowling alley that offers bumpers, and use them. Like training wheels, they will let your kids practice their technique and feel successful while they are mastering the basics of the game.


Adjust the game to their physical needs while bowling in Houston.

Children have to live in a world made for big people. When it comes to bowling, that fact can make the game harder to play. From gripping the ball to exerting enough strength to get the ball all the way to the pins, being a kid in the bowling alley can be a real disadvantage.

The next time you take your children bowling in Houston, then, adjust the game to their physical needs. For example, bring them to a place that offers mini bowling for kids. Mini bowling for kids consists of bumpers, shorter lanes and smaller balls. The miniature size makes it easier for children to knock pins down, while keeping the game challenging for adults, too.

Alternatively, the next time you go bowling in Houston, try a little trick to get the bowling balls to fit better: Place a few pieces of tape around your children’s fingers. You could also always bring your own, customized balls, but we suspect major financial outlays are a little bit unrealistic for an afternoon out with your little people.

You can also adjust to your little ones’ physical needs while bowling by allowing them to start out using two hands to roll the ball. Those little hands might not be big enough or strong enough for the traditional hold but two handed throws can help them to actually enjoy the game. Plus, avoiding dropped balls and sore toes is always a plus.

Here at iT’Z, you can also adjust the game to your children’s physical needs by using our ball ramps. These ramps make it easier for the little ones or physically challenged children to roll the ball down the lane. With the ramp’s assistance, even small children can feel the thrill of success as they send the ball tumbling toward the pins.


Make time for some silly games while bowling in Houston.

Teaching your children how to bowl naturally entails explanations and demonstrations of where to stand and how to throw the ball. But let’s be honest: That gets boring even for adults. Turn bowling in Houston into a fun affair for your kids by making time for some silly games.

For example, you could always have your kids roll the ball backwards between their legs. You could also let them pick whatever silly method of bowling they desire. You might be surprised at how many creative methods your kids can come up with, from twirls to eyes closed rolling.

Another silly game your kids might enjoy while bowling is to make them complete a task before the ball reaches the pins. Have them count or recite the alphabet backwards. Ask them to twirl three times. Make them do a few jumping jacks. Staying active and racing against the clock will keep your kids happy and engaged the whole time you are bowling in Houston.


Give your children lots of praise while bowling in Houston.

No one bowls a perfect game, unless you are a PBA success. So don’t expect your kids to do things just right before you praise them for their efforts. Instead, make them feel like the all stars they are, and encourage them to keep bowling, by being quick to offer praise for even small accomplishments.

For example, did your child remember to let the ball go at the foul line? Let cheering commence. Did they keep the ball away from the bumpers? Start bragging to the other players there. If your child feels like a bowling success, chances are they will want to keep playing the game.


Keep bowling in Houston short and regular.

Children naturally have short attention spans. Don’t force them to focus longer than they want to if you want to keep things fun. Instead, try to keep the experience lighthearted and entertaining by making shorter, but regular, trips to the bowling alley.

For example, instead of staying all day, play a game and go home. Or play a round and visit the arcade, laser tag arena, or bumper cars we have here at iT’Z. Play a game and hunt down some food (Our unlimited buffet has some classically delicious choices of pizza and pasta). You can always come back another day to bowl some more.

Teaching children to bowl can be a memorable bonding experience. Take them bowling in Houston at iT’Z to get them immersed in all the fun of the game. And make the bowling even more fun by setting your kids up for success, adjusting the game to their physical needs, making time for silly games, and making bowling in Houston short and regular. With the right approach, and the right venue, you will soon be watching your kids embrace a love of bowling.