How Do I Take My Kids to Buffet Restaurants Near Me? Try These Tips.

Pepperoni PizzaEating out with kids can feel a bit like a game of chance. Will this be the day they order their food, actually eat it, and refrain from fighting and meltdowns? Or will this be one of “those days,” where you take the walk of shame out to the car with a screaming child before your plates even arrive at the table?

The unpredictability of eating out with kids can make you wonder “how do I take my kids to buffet restaurants near me?” Is it even possible to try eating out before your children turn 12? The good news is that eating out with kids isn’t just possible; it can be fun too. The next time you Google “buffet restaurants near me,” consider stopping by iT’Z and try these tips for a family-friendly, and fun, experience.

Wonder how to visit a buffet restaurant near me, with kids? Go early.

We’re pretty sure the term “hangry” was coined in response to a little one who hadn’t had their dinner. Avoid that Hulk-like transformation by taking your children out to eat a little bit early. Going early has a number of advantages.

For one, you have a better chance at beating the dinner rush. Keep in mind, you may not be the only one with this goal in mind (great minds do think alike). However, the earlier you arrive, the more likely you are to avoid a packed house during your meal. Second, there are fewer pressures on the staff, which can lead to faster, friendlier service. And third, going early gives you the chance to enjoy dining with your kids before they get tired and hungry.

So, the next time you Google “buffet restaurant near me,” try looking for one that has early hours. Here at iT’Z, for example, we offer our buffet from 10 a.m. to 8 p.m. Take advantage by coming a little early before the witching hour descends.


Look for a “fun buffet restaurant near me.”

Bringing entertainment for your children is a smart idea when you are going out to eat. Some books and crayons can go a long way toward a quiet wait for your meal. However, what is even better is to find a buffet restaurant near you that is actually fun for the kids.

Is this even possible? We think so. Here at iT’Z, we have developed dining rooms to keep your kids (and you!) entertained while you enjoy your meal. How is that possible? Try our Gametime Room, where you can watch sports from football to curling. Eat in our Toon’z Room, devoted to the cartoon classics. You can even try the Galaxy Diner, where you and your family can cozy up to some classic movies while enjoying classic movie fare.

Finding a fun buffet restaurant near you will make eating out with your kids more fun for everyone. And don’t forget about our fun activities venue. From video games to bumper cars, we offer delights that will entertain your kids both before and after you eat. Yes, iT’Z a dream come true.


Google “buffet restaurants near me” for places where you can go beyond the kids’ menu.

Plated meals might be fancier, but buffet meals have lots of advantages for families with kids. And when you Google “buffet restaurants near me,” you are Googling the perfect way to enjoy a meal your kids will not complain about. Why? Because you are not restricted to a kids’ menu, or forced to order something your children won’t eat. Lemon crusted chicken is an acquired taste, after all.

Instead, you enjoy access to a wide range of foods that your children can try in any quantity. Did they decide they wanted pizza instead of pasta? No need to order another $10.99 plate. Just go back up to the buffet table. Did they dump their pizza on the floor? No worries: You can grab them an extra slice without an extra cost.

At iT’Z, you have the added advantage of eating delicious food designed with families in mind. Pizza, pasta, salad, and dessert work together to delight the taste buds of children and adults alike. If that doesn’t have you picking up your keys to run to our nearest venue, we don’t know what will.


Use the buffet restaurant near you for fast service.

When you first teach your children how to eat at a restaurant, you want to make your forays short and sweet. And that may mean avoiding the plated meals at first. When your time limit is 45 minutes, you may not have time to wait 20 for your meal to come out.

Instead, try the buffet restaurants near you for a fast and delicious dining option. Here at iT’Z, you can fill your plates, and your children’s bellies, immediately. And that means you get uninterrupted family time as part of your meal.


When you feel like eating out with your family, consider buffet restaurants near you, like iT’Z. Thanks to our fast service, kid-friendly food, and fun atmosphere, we are an ideal spot for fun meals with your kids. And when the kids do get grumpy, you have iT’Z’s secret weapon of fun activities to forestall chaos. Google “buffet restaurants near me,” and then head to your nearest iT’Z location for a fun, stress-free way to eat out with your kids.