Give the Gift of Experience and Entertainment in Pasadena

holiday gift - entertainment in pasadenaAt one point or another, many of us have had the notion that we’ve accumulated too much stuff. Whether you’ve accumulated clothing, cookware, children’s toys, or other random objects around the house, sometimes you want to cut back on your possessions, rather than add to them. That’s why you and your family might benefit from giving fewer physical gifts this holiday season.

You can cut back on physical gifts while still knocking your gift giving right out of the park, with the gift of experience (especially the gift of entertainment in Pasadena). Allowing loved ones the opportunity to do something new and exciting is just as rewarding as giving physical gifts. It is also likely to have longer-lasting benefits. So what are gifts of experience, and why give them this holiday season?


What are gifts of experience?

Gifts of experience are gifts that allow the recipient to do something rather than receive a physical present. A gift would be an arrangement of flowers, whereas a gift of experience would be a class on how to create flower arrangements. A gift would be a basket of lotions, essential oils, and bath soaps, while a gift of experience would be a gift certificate to a spa.

Gifts of experience can be as varied and as creative as any material gift. They simply focus on enjoying something rather than on receiving another item to add to the growing pile of clutter that everyone has somewhere in their house (You know you do).


What types of experiences make good gifts?

Any gift that allows someone to do something enjoyable will make for an excellent gift. To that end, you can give an infinite number of gifts of experience. Give a one-time gift, like a meal at the recipient’s favorite restaurant, or give a gift that lasts longer, such as a membership to a meal subscription program. Give the recipient the opportunity to learn a new skill, like cooking, or a new language, like French. If you need more guidance, here are a few more types of experiences to consider for your next gift recipient.

  • Tickets to sporting events or a show
  • Entry to fairs, carnivals, and other events
  • Passes to museums
  • The opportunity to learn a new skill

There are so many experience gifts you can give that there is one that is perfect for your intended recipient, no matter who they may be. The main problem with these gifts is the temptation to think too much about what would make the perfect experience. It can be hard not to try to find the most extravagant and lavish experience out there, or to feel like you are failing if you do not give a totally unique experience. In reality, a good experience gift is not hard to find. The gift should simply make the recipient happy, and fall within your budget.

Even if you limit your gifts to entertainment in Pasadena, you still have many options from which to choose. Find a bowling alley or a video game arcade to treat your loved ones to. Or, select iT’Z, where many of these experiences and more reside in one fun activities venue. With a gift like that, you allow your recipient to select the experience that works best for them.


Aren’t experience gifts expensive?

One common misconception about experience gifts is that they are pricey. It is true: They can be expensive. A trip to Africa or front row tickets to that big concert will cost you more than you want to know. However, the beautiful thing about these kinds of presents is that you can fit them into almost any budget. You simply have to use a little creativity and choose the right one.

For example, a meal at a restaurant is affordable for many people. Museums, massages, and classes, while a bit more expensive, can still be rather affordable. A movie ticket will cost even less. Here at iT’Z, you can purchase passes for a single day, or even multi-day passes to keep the fun experience going. With a little creativity, any experience gift can fit within almost any budget. Embrace it and give the gift you know your loved one will love.

Experience gifts are the perfect way to give your friends and family something they will love without adding to their stuff. It is also a great idea for kids, who usually have more than enough to play with. Experience gifts will also last longer than physical gifts. After all, objects break. Children get tired of toys, sometimes the same day they receive them. Clutter stresses people out. The memories of attending a fun event, or riding a horse for the first time, will last forever. The skills learned in a cooking class will be theirs to keep.

Creating fun, exciting, and long-lasting experiences should be one of your gift-giving goals this holiday season. Here at iT’Z, we offer lots of experiences from which to choose. If you want to give the gift of entertainment in Pasadena, reach out to iT’Z. We can offer you everything from delicious food to exciting, adrenaline-pumping fun, bowling, and more that will give your gift recipients an experience to remember.