Top Gifts for Teachers: From the Retro Arcade in Pasadena to Literature

gifts-retro-arcade-in-pasadenaAs Albert Einstein once said, “It is the supreme art of the teacher to awaken joy in creative expression and knowledge.” While it is true that all teachers possess the ability to inspire and educate their students, all teachers may not share the same interests. Similar to each of their students, educators all have their own unique preferences. This can make picking out a present for your teacher a bit difficult. A good indicator of a teacher’s interests is what they teach. Below is a short list of gift ideas for your teachers this year based on the subject they teach:

American Literature Teacher

Because your teacher knows how to pick a killer classic novel and has the superpower of analyzing and annotating any reading passage, they are probably always game for a good read. If your teacher had a hand in influencing your affinity for good books or inspired you to explore a new literature genre, consider purchasing them a novel that you really enjoyed reading because of them. The sentiment is sweet and especially meaningful to educators.

Biology Teacher

Since the entire subject of Biology is related to understanding living things, giving your biology teacher a living, growing gift only makes sense. Small desk plants are a great gift to consider giving your teacher. Select a low-maintenance variety, like succulents or air plants.

Geometry Teacher

For this math teacher, consider getting something practical yet personal. Purchasing an engraved protractor or ruler is a great option that is extremely useful for such a precision-oriented teacher.

World History Teacher

Your world history teacher is not only interested in past happenings around the globe; they most likely also appreciate learning about today’s world. Giving your teacher a one-year subscription to a culturally and environmentally focused magazine like National Geographic would mean the world to them – pun intended.

Athletic Coach

Picking a gift that involves sports or sports teams is a given when it comes to choosing the right present for your coach. Any gift that includes their favorite sports team will be welcomed with open arms. Whether it’s a t-shirt, hat, or mug, your coach will be happy to have more opportunities to represent their favorite team.

Computer Science Teacher

Because your computer science teacher spends their days educating you about difficult-to-understand computer languages and coding, their brain needs a break every now and again. Consider getting them a ticket to their local iT’Z to experience a blast from the past in the retro arcade in Pasadena. They will love the nostalgic feelings of the old school video games and the fun atmosphere lets them clear their hard-working minds!

You do not need to be an Einstein to see the value in the education your teachers provide for you. Whether it is for the holidays, Teacher Appreciation Week, or just because, express your gratitude for your educators by getting them a small gift. If presents aren’t your thing, consider nominating your favorite teacher for the Teachers Rock program to give them the opportunity to be recognized and win a VIP iT’Z experience and a $100 gift card for the classroom. Any gesture – large or small – will make your teacher’s day!