Gift Exchange Games: Fun Family Christmas Traditions

Christmas time for kids means one thing: PRESENTS. And who doesn’t like getting presents, right? On the flip side, gift giving places a lot of expectations on parents and can become costly. However, there are solutions to lighten your Santa sack without coming off as a Scrooge. Below are a few gift exchange ideas that are both entertaining and economical:

Secret Santa

Secret Santa is a classic gift exchange game that includes drawing a name from a group of people. Once you draw the name, you are only responsible for getting a gift tailored to that individual.  The main benefit is that as a group, you can decide on maximum price point for the gifts. This prevents people from going overboard on their present purchasing. Additionally, you are only faced with getting one person a present rather than coming up with gift ideas and the money to buy everyone in your family/friend group one. Even better than saving money is getting to participate in the revealing of whom each person’s Secret Santa is – kids will love the surprise element of this game!


White Elephant

White Elephant is a gift exchange game that involves each person getting a gift and wrapping it up without telling anyone what it is. Once the game begins, each person draws a number to determine the order in which people can choose which wrapped gift they would like. Each person that goes after the first person can choose to steal a gift that has been already opened or to open a new one. The whole purpose of White Elephant is to pick something that is strange and/or funny as your gift. Additionally, the price limits tend to be lower because all of the presents are basically gag gifts. You and your kiddos are bound to get a few good laughs!


Treat Swap

A Treat Swap is similar to a potluck; everyone makes (or buys) their favorite baked goods and then gives them out in exchange for the baked goods everyone else made. There are some major pros to this type of gift exchange – it is inexpensive and you can create many fun and festive memories with your family while making your treats!










Give the Gift of a Family Outing

Sometimes material gift exchanges don’t have to be the center of attention. Instead, take a less traditional approach to the holidays and consider taking your family to a fun event. Examples could include ice-skating at a close-by ice rink, driving through a Christmas light display, or even heading to your local iT’Z for The Winter Games. The Winter Games is an in-park promotion that includes unlimited buffet, drinks, and arcade games, all for $9.99.


Visiting Santa

Okay, so it isn’t exactly a gift exchange game, but visiting Santa could definitely work as a family gift. It is the perfect way to spend time with your family and embrace the holiday spirit! While most families are waiting in line at a mall to get photos with Santa, iT’Z is hosting a Breakfast with Santa event on December 14th. It includes a full breakfast buffet, a $5 Fun Card, a meet and greet with Santa himself, and holiday activities and crafts for just $9.99. Up the ante on this standard family tradition this year by visiting us – it is exciting for the kids and easy on your wallet!