Fun Things to Do at the Euless, TX, IT’Z with Small Children

Child playing mini bowling at iT'ZLittle kids just want to have fun, just like everyone else in the family. Now they can, at an iT’Z location that offers fun things to do in Euless, TX, that are designed for the whole family, from angsty teens (who can also be difficult to entertain) to eager little children. The best part? Everyone gets to pick their fun at a single location, so you can genuinely enjoy quality family time. Talk about a win-win-win. So what fun things to do in Euless, TX, are there for little kids at iT’Z? Consider these fun-filled, child-tested, parent-approved activities.

Try mini-bowling for child-friendly Fun things to do in Euless, TX, at iT’Z.

While watching a child try to hoist an adult-sized bowling ball down the bowling lane might make for some great family videos, it doesn’t make for a great child-friendly experience. If you know your small one can’t handle the big bowling balls, the long lanes, and the bumper-less gutters, consider a mini bowling alley. This child-sized version of bowling packs adult-sized fun without leaving your smallest family members in the dust (or the bowling pins).

What does mini bowling for kids offer that regular bowling does not? Smaller balls for smaller hands, for one. Perfectly-sized for little fingers, these balls will allow your kids to actually roll the ball down the lanes (and maybe even outscore you. Fair warning).

The lanes are also shorter, so the smaller swing of smaller children still allows them to knock down pins. The bumpers are also automated, which means that those frustrating gutter balls are no more, along with the frustrated tears that they used to cause on the adult-sized lanes. And if you are secretly cheering at the thought of avoiding your own gutter balls at the mini bowling alley, we don’t blame you.

When it comes to fun things to do in Euless, TX, mini bowling should be at the top of your list. Empowered kids will lead to a bowling experience that is a lot more fun for the whole family.


Fun things to do in Euless, TX, at iT’Z for little kids include certain games at the arcade.

Think the video game arcade is only for teens? Think again, because at iT’Z, our fun things to do in Euless, TX, include an arcade packed with entertainment for kids of all ages. Sure, you probably don’t want your six-year-old playing Halo, but they can play a game of Hoops or Four Square, enjoy some virtual reality with Virtual Rabbids, and take their chances on a racing game. Other games that might be perfect for little kids? Try air hockey, pinball, and the ever-fun Pac-Man.

In fact, with more than 150 games populating our interactive arcade, we are willing to bet that the entire family can find a way to enjoy thrilling adventures, classic entertainment, and new releases. This all-in-one venue even lets you, the parent, enjoy some interactive and exciting video game fun of your own.


Fun things to do in Euless, TX, at iT’Z for little kids include Atomic Rush.

Your littlest kids might not be able to tackle all of the intricacies of laser tag, but we are willing to bet that they can enjoy the next generation arcade of Atomic Rush. The game itself is fairly simple: Touch as many of your colored lights as possible in 60 seconds. Even the smallest ones in your group can handle that challenge.

And while it might be difficult to keep up with a 60-second challenge that we guarantee is more complex than you think, the little kids can still enjoy the challenge of finding and touching “their” colors. Just a warning, though: Giggles are contagious and you are likely to catch them playing this Euless-only game at iT’Z.


Fun things to do in Euless, TX, at iT’Z, for little kids include bumper cars.

The carnival might be over until summer or fall, but at iT’Z, we keep the spirit alive with our bumper cars attraction. While you may want to play in order to reminisce about your own younger days, we bet your little ones will want to play just because there is nothing more fun than being allowed to create chaos.

As long as your child is at least 44 inches tall, they can ride the bumper cars in our modern arena, where the normal rules of driving do not apply. In fact, the crazier you drive, and the more you bump and bash, the more successful you are likely to be. Creating chaos and breaking the rules: Sounds like the perfect activity to make a little kid’s day. That is why you should add bumper cars to your list of fun things to do in Euless, TX, for little kids.

Including the little kids in your family fun day is essential if everyone is to go home with happy memories. The key is to find fun things to do in Euless, TX, that cater to the needs of the small and the big kids alike. To that, we say, look no further than iT’Z. With a packed fun activities venue, there is something for everyone to do. And for the little ones in particular, we offer mini bowling, arcade games, Atomic Rush, and bumper cars. Just don’t rule them out for your own fun: You might be surprised how much grown-up fun can be had by tapping into your inner child. Once done, don’t forget to hit up our family-friendly, unlimited buffet of fresh pasta, pizza, salad, and dessert, and eat in one of four dining rooms designed to entertain. At iT’Z, there is always something fun to do for the whole family.