Fun Things to Do With Teens (That They Will Actually Enjoy)

Atomic RushIf there is one constant about teens (Hint: It’s not their mood) it is that they love to have fun. Whether they are hanging out with their friends during a backyard BBQ, pursuing the next great deal at their favorite stores, racking up high scores on their favorite video games, or off on a grand adventure, they want to feel independent, challenged, and entertained. Sound like a tall order? It might not be as hard as you think. With a little creativity and the right activities, fun things to do with teens are easy to find. If you need a little inspiration, here are a few fun things to do with teens that stand a good chance of getting them off their phones and interacting with you.

Play video games.

Teens might have a lot of energy, but they do like to chill sometimes. For example, have you ever tried getting them out of bed in the mornings? If you want fun things to do with your teen, try the age old, time tested method of chilling known as playing video games.

Bring the activity into the modern age with a Nintendo Wii or similar home gaming system or, better yet, take your teen (and their friends) to a video game arcade (We know a good one) that sports retro games and new releases. We guarantee your teen will have fun, but beware, they might give you a run for your video game money.

Go to an amusement park.

Amusement parks aren’t just for kids. Sure, your teen might want to skip the carousel and go straight for the craziest roller coaster, but a day at the park (or carnival, or local fair) might be just the fun thing to do to help you bond with your teen. Try old classics like bumper cars (or try them out at a fun activities venue like iT’Z), but be prepared: You probably won’t avoid a ride on that roller coaster as well.

Enjoy a physical challenge together.

Facing and conquering a challenge together can be a wonderful way to bond with your teen around something that is more than just mindless entertainment (We are looking at you, Netflix). Any physical challenge that you and your teen can both enjoy is a good idea, whether that be rock climbing (or an indoor rock climbing wall like the one at iT’Z), a ball game played together, or just an hour spent at the gym.


There are few more classic games for youth than bowling. The simplicity of the game, the access to lots of fun food, and the opportunity to laugh and talk between frames make it the perfect fun thing to do for teens and adults alike. Here at iT’Z, you can grab a little food (or a lot, if you have a hungry teenager), play a few games on our state of the art lanes, and relax together over a game everyone can play and almost everyone enjoys.

 Go out to eat.

If there is one thing all teens have in common, it is a love of food. Find a fun place to eat in the area, like the buffet at iT’Z. From delicious pizza to salads to wonderful pasta and tasty desserts, your teen should have no problem finding a smorgasbord of food to eat that will keep them happy and give you time to talk.

Watch a movie marathon.

We know you may not be up for all nighters anymore, but a movie marathon can still be a great way to bond with your teenager (and find out what these Infinity Stones or magical rings are that your teen keeps talking about). Pick a classic, like Lord of the Rings, and settle in with lots of pizza, popcorn, and your teen’s favorite snacks. Your teen will remember the time you spent with them, and we guarantee you’ll remember some great cinematic experiences.

Do good together.

Teens are known for being self centered, but did you know that they can actually be remarkably selfless? Teach them about those less fortunate and empower them to help others with a philanthropic fun activity. Whether you volunteer at a food bank, put on a birthday party for kids, or go on a missions trip, they aren’t likely to forget the time with you, or the lessons they learn along the way.

Put on a game night.

Games can be cool, as long as you have the right ones. Find out from your teen which games they like to play the most and put on a game night for them and their friends. A fun thing to do with teens, you can have a tournament with brackets, award winners with coveted prizes (like the latest iPhone case), or see who can stay up the latest playing games (You know it won’t be you).

Find a gameroom for the kids to enjoy.

Of course, you could supplement the games with a good old fashioned gameroom. Consider foosball, video games, a pool table, and more. Or, just come to iT’Z, where our video game arcade, laser tag, and other games make up a teenager’s gameroom dream.

Let them lead.

This might be last on the list, but it should be the first thing you do when you start planning fun things to do with your teens. Whatever you decide to do, make sure it is something your teen will be interested in and excited about. So, instead of declaring a trip to a gameroom, ask them if they would like to play video games, take you on in a game of laser tag, or stay at home to watch a movie marathon. When you engage in their world and their interests, you are much more likely to find fun things to do that you will both enjoy.

Fun things to do with teens don’t have to be difficult or complicated. Just look for things that create adventure and cater to their interests. And consider a trip to iT’Z. Our fun activities venue will offer your teen everything they need to have an amazing time.