Fun Places in Houston for Kids

Pinball machine and arcade games at iT'ZChristmas break is coming up for the kids, and we know that, as a parent, the pressure is on to keep them occupied (and your house intact). Fortunately, the Houston area is chock-full of great ideas for keeping the whole family happily occupied for an afternoon, an evening, or even a whole day. What follows is a look at some of the fun places in Houston for kids that won’t bore the adults either.

Add the iT’Z arcade to your fun places in Houston list.

If the term “video game” conjures up images of your child’s eyes glued to a TV screen all day, you might want to reconsider. At the video game arcade at iT’Z, you and your kids will have access to more than 150 interactive games to keep you and the family engaged and competing against one another. We dare you to be bored trying to beat your child’s pinball high score, challenging them to an air hockey game, or introducing them to classics like Pac-Man. We even have newer releases that your kids might just take pleasure in teaching you how to play.

What makes iT’Z stand out from the other arcades in the area? Think a buffet fit for kids and appealing to adults (Who doesn’t like bottomless pizza and pasta?). Consider the sheer number of video games we offer, and don’t forget about the variety of old and new that make our Game Room the ideal spot for both you and your kids to have fun. When it comes to fun places in Houston, the arcade at iT’Z should be one of your first stops.


The fun activities venue at iT’Z should also make your fun places in Houston list.

Of course, the video game arcade isn’t the only way to have fun with your kids, especially if they have a little bit of extra energy to expend. If the arcade isn’t your ideal location, check out our other fun attractions at iT’Z. When it comes to fun places in Houston, the chance to tackle more than half a dozen fun activities in one location is going to be the winner.

You might be able to find some laser tag, indoor rock climbing or bowling elsewhere in the Houston area, but we are pretty sure you won’t find quite the same winning combination of activities anywhere else. Check out one of our two Houston-area locations and decide for yourself.


Explore the Houston Zoo as one of the fun places in Houston for kids.

If you are starting to feel like you live in a zoo, get the family out of the house and visit a real live one at the Houston Zoo. In addition to all of the typical zoo animals to enjoy, you can partake in specialized events, like Meet the Keeper talks. You can even sign up for Animal Encounters–up close and personal interactions with some of the zoo’s friendlier residents. Other things to do there include a water park, tours, Vet for a Day events, and even overnights at the zoo. If you don’t think this is one of the fun places in Houston for kids, you might not know the definition of fun. Just don’t forget that those walking, talking monkeys belong to you.


Add the Children’s Museum of Houston to your fun places in Houston list.

A museum just for kids is pretty standard in most big cities. But before you relegate this selection of fun places in Houston to your list of clichéd places in Houston, consider what the Children’s Museum in our big city has to offer. The museum boasts exhibits designed to entertain children of any stripes. Consider the challenge courses for the child who literally bounces off the walls, but send your nature-loving child to check out the EcoStation.

Other choices for your kids include Dragons and Fairies, FlowWorks, Invention Convention, and more. If you wonder what adults can glean from a couple of hours spent in the museum, you may be surprised to find out how entertaining the activities are… and don’t forget that a few hours of happy children and parental sanity are worth their weight in gold, or at least the cost of admission.


Add Moody Gardens to your list of fun places in Houston for kids.

With an array of fun activities, Moody Gardens may quickly join your list of fun places in Houston for kids. What can you enjoy while you are there? Consider the aquarium, a taste of the rain forest, theaters, a paddle-wheel boat, ice skating, a museum and even a water park. While you may not be able to visit everything at once, that is actually good news: You always have something new to do when you come back.

Fun places in Houston for kids do not have to mean boredom for the adults. If you pick your spot wisely, you can while away a few hours or even a few days enjoying time together with the people you love most. Consider our arcade and fun activities venue at iT’Z, complete with buffet and special packages to make your day complete. Check out the Zoo or the Children’s Museum, or spend a couple of days at Moody Gardens. Places where you and the kids can enjoy yourselves is the epitome of a win-win.