Ditch the Other Fun Centers in Houston in Favor of These Unique IT’Z Features

Fun Centers in Houston - video games and bumper carsThere is no shortage of fun centers in Houston where you can spend a few hours with your family or friends. What you may find, however, is a lack of variety. With a predictable lineup of bounce houses, trampolines, ball pits, and arcades, set in a predictably dark and outdated environment, it may be hard to find a place that puts the “fun” in “fun center.”

If you want to find one of the truly fun centers in Houston, you may want to consider iT’Z instead. We promise you the unforgettable experience you remember from the family entertainment centers of your youth, but we’ve updated our look and our offerings to create a modern and memorable place for your family to enjoy. Here are a few reasons to ditch the other fun centers in Houston in favor of the unique features iT’Z can provide.



Ditch the old fashioned fun centers in Houston in favor of virtual reality.

Family entertainment centers sometimes come under criticism because they use much of the same technology as they have been using for the past decade (or more). Particularly when it comes to arcades, classic games sometimes equal vintage technology and graphics. While old technology and games can be nostalgic, many families want more. In today’s digital age, they want fun centers in Houston that also deliver updated experiences.

Lucky for you, at iT’Z, we offer a mix of arcade games that includes the classics from your childhood, like Pac-Man, and newer releases that incorporate exciting technology. One of the most exciting? Virtual reality. And you can find it here at iT’Z with our virtual reality arcade game, Virtual Rabbids (coming to iT’Z in February, 2019). Don’t just enjoy the game on the screen. Feel like you have literally entered the world of the Rabbids.


Ditch the big kid only fun centers in Houston in favor of child-friendly activities.

Your 10-year-old may love bowling, but your 4-year-old can’t hold the big ball. Your 12-year-old may enjoy the laser tag arena, but your 6-year-old may want something a little less intense. Instead of struggling with happy big kids and bored little kids, ditch the big-kid only fun centers in Houston. We have a better idea.

Here at iT’Z, we offer entertainment for kids (and adults) of all ages. For example, our mini-bowling provides a shorter lane and smaller balls, but packs all the fun of a normal-sized bowling game. Our rock climbing wall is open to everyone over 40 pounds, and our bumper cars are open to anyone 44 inches or taller. Monkey Jump is specially designed for the smaller monkeys, and with 150 arcade games, you are sure to find fun for the teenager and the preschooler alike.

The next time you look for fun centers in Houston, consider the one that stands out because of its commitment to welcoming all ages: iT’Z.


Ditch the tasteless fun centers in Houston in favor of flavorful food.

Imagine the scene: You’ve spent a couple hours working up an appetite after some fun activities. Now you find a table, only to find that your food options include unhealthy food, stale food, or even worse, no meal at all. Popcorn and candy bars it is, folks.

If the fun centers in Houston don’t offer great food at a great price, ditch them for the uniquely flavorful food at iT’Z. We don’t care just about our entertainment: We care about your dining experience too. That is why we offer a full unlimited buffet of fresh and flavorful food. Select freshly made pasta, hot and crispy pizza, and fresh, crunchy veggies. And then, eat them in one of our four dining rooms designed for fun. You won’t know whether to come back to iT’Z for the food or for the fun (we recommend both).


Ditch the expensive fun centers in Houston in favor of amazing deals.

If attending fun centers in Houston left your bank account feeling a little bit light, ditch the overpriced places for amazing deals at iT’Z. Here, we don’t think that having fun with your family should leave you poor afterward. That is why we provide incredible deals and weekly specials to make your visit a little bit more memorable.

For example, consider our $2.99 unlimited buffet on Tuesdays. Take advantage of a one-day pass that could save you up to $25, or multi-day passes at deep discounts. Late-night discounts, inexpensive bowling, and even fun points in exchange for good grades can make iT’Z the fun and affordable place to be.


Ditch the dingy fun centers in Houston in favor of a modern playing space.

If your memories of family fun centers in Houston include old carpets sporting grease stains, dark lighting, and outdated furniture, it might be time to ditch the dingy for iT’Z. Our upscale and modernized facilities boast beautiful furniture, sleek lighting, and (literally) clean fun.

Fun centers in Houston are a great idea for indoor play with family and friends. You just need to find a location that delivers unique features and an upgraded experience. Here at iT’Z, we stand out from your typical fun center. How? We offer upgraded technology like virtual reality arcade games, fun for all ages with diverse activities and more than 150 arcade games, flavorful food that kids and adults alike will enjoy, amazing deals to make the experience more affordable, and clean, modernized facilities where you can truly relax. The next time you need a fun center in Houston, ditch the average and embrace the extraordinary at any of our iT’Z locations.