Need Family Bonding? Consider These Family Activities in Pasadena at IT’Z

Father and Son BowlingIf your teenager hasn’t been home for dinner all week and your elementary-aged child is complaining about boredom, and you haven’t spent time with your significant other in a month, it might just be time for some family bonding.

Life can be stressful, and families are always busy, but that doesn’t mean that quality family time cannot happen.

The right family activities in Pasadena can provide you with local, fun, and affordable ways to carve out some valuable family time. And since most of these are inside, you don’t have to worry about traffic, rain, or crowds ruining your planned day out. Here are just a few of the ways in which the activities at iT’Z can help you get closer to your family.


The iT’Z arcade in Pasadena connects you through competition and nostalgia.

Most kids love screen time, but screen time doesn’t love most kids, or families. Instead of turning on the television or handing your child a tablet, consider a more family-friendly way of bonding: The iT’Z arcade in Pasadena. From vintage games to the newest releases, these games promise fun for everyone.

From chasing dots on Pac-Man to competing in pinball, our classic games will bring back warm memories of your own childhood (which you should feel free to share with your kids, despite the inevitable eye rolling).

Of course, our 150 games also include some pretty awesome new releases. Consider getting your kids off the couch to play the newest Halo release at iT’Z or the first-ever virtual game to hit iT’Z: Virtual Rabbids (coming in February). You can even update your Connect 4 experience with our basketball version.

There is no way you and your family won’t be able to find a few games to enjoy together. So head over to the iT’Z retro arcade in Pasadena, and watch how nostalgia and competition can build the family bonds you are looking for this season.


Use laser tag in Pasadena at iT’Z to build teamwork and get exercise together as a family.

Everyone needs exercise, but not everyone is going to want to take a walk around the neighborhood or hit the treadmill in your basement. More specifically, your kids are going to want you to be doing that by yourself. They need to keep looking cool in front of their friends, and those activities just don’t cut it.

Instead, if you want to exercise as a family, and even build some teamwork skills into your bunch, consider laser tag in Pasadena at iT’Z. Our facility provides laser tag for kids and for adults, so the whole family can enjoy a rousing game in our fog-filled obstacle course. With glowing pillars, a virtual war zone, and adrenaline-pumping music, it definitely checks the “cool” box for your kids. And with interactive play; lots of running, dodging, and ducking to be done, and an entirely safe environment in which to do it, it definitely checks all of your grown up boxes too.

Whether you want your family to work together to take down another opponent or work separately for a little bit of friendly competition, laser tag in Pasadena at iT’Z is the way to go. Just be warned: Once there, you and your family might not want to leave, so give yourselves plenty of time to enjoy the obstacle course and more than just one or two games.


Hit the bowling lanes in Pasadena for some classic fun in an updated environment.

How can bowling build family bonding? By using the same elements of fun and competition that work for the video game arcade and laser tag. And, bowling has an advantage that other competitive games do not: It is ideal for a wide range of ages and ability levels.

For example? Its basic premise, rolling balls down the lanes in order to hit pins, is something even small children can do. And for kids who are just a little too small to handle the big ball, we offer bowling lanes in Pasadena for mini-bowling. That means smaller balls, shorter lanes, but just as much fun as the original.

Thanks to this versatility, we can pretty much guarantee that no matter what your age, you and your family can enjoy a rousing competition and some lighthearted fun around the iT’Z bowling lanes in Pasadena.

Family activities in Pasadena at iT’Z are the ideal way to enjoy some time together. If you live in other locations, we also have facilities in Euless and Willowbrook designed for family activities and bonding. And when you get hungry from all that time together, consider enjoying our delicious and family-friendly buffet of pizza, pasta, salads and desserts. Not having to deal with complaints about the food, from kids or adults, is worth its weight in gold alone. There is no time like the present to start enjoying your family, so make some time this year to do just that.