6 Simple Tricks to an Epic Laser Tag Birthday Party

Lazer MazeA laser tag birthday party can be the perfect (and easy) way to put on a truly memorable bash for your child. With laser tag comes built-in entertainment for boisterous kids (and maybe the adults too!). Many laser tag party packages include pizza, drinks, space for cake and ice cream, as well as, of course, lots of time playing laser tag.

However memorable a birthday party is when held at venues such as indoor fun centers (like iT’Z), there are a few simple ways you can make the celebration even more epic. To help you bring a laser tag birthday party to the next level of fun for your child, with a minimum of work on your part, here are 6 easy tricks to try.

Send out printable themed invitations to the laser tag birthday party.

Invitations don’t have to be handmade to be great. Before your laser tag birthday party, find a set of printable themed invitations (or electronic ones for even easier distribution). Simply fill them out with relevant information and mail them to the friends and family you want at the celebration.

You can even customize some of these invitations with your child’s name, age, and other details so you can feel like you are sending out a handmade card without all of the work.

If you want to spend even less time on invitations, consider a birthday party package from iT’Z. Invitations are often included in the cost of the package. With simple but themed invitations, you get the party off to a fun and memorable start.

Purchase a laser tag party package.

Instead of just showing up at the laser tag venue on the day of the party, order a laser tag party package ahead of time. These packages allow you to enjoy a more private party. For instance, you may be able to reserve the arena for a certain amount of time for your party’s use and enjoy access to a private room for cake and ice cream. In addition, laser tag party packages often include pizza, drinks, and even favors.

Some indoor fun centers (such as iT’Z) offer birthday party packages that include access to the laser tag arena as well as access to other fun activities. For example, with our packages, you enjoy access to all of our attractions (from rock climbing to bumper cars to laser tag), as well as amenities such as some decorations and a gift for the child. All of these features add to the overall fun your guests experience at the laser tag party (Without adding to your party prep duties).

Use printable decorations to personalize store bought items.

Customizing your laser tag birthday party does not have to take hours of work putting together favors and decorations by hand. Instead, consider using printable decorations to turn store bought items into personalized decorations for an epic celebration.

For example, take store bought plastic or paper plates and cups and add printable laser tag themed stickers to them. Print out labels to tape onto brightly colored straws, and wrap favor containers in printed signs. These printable items will take you minutes to make but add a degree of customization that will give your laser tag party a pulled together and celebratory look.

Never underestimate the power of cake toppers for your laser tag birthday party.

Your laser tag birthday party will likely include cake (or cupcakes). Most laser tag party packages will allow you to bring in your own cake to celebrate the big day, meaning you can bring in something personalized to make your child feel special.

However, if you do not have the time to go all out on a homemade and decorated cake, skip straight to a store bought cake and add cake toppers for a fancy and customized look. Laser tag themed cake toppers include both generic toppers (such as toppers with laser tag guns and messages on them) and personalized decorations. With the right cake toppers, you can create a stunning cake with little effort that will make a perfect ending to the party.

Use laser tag colors throughout your decorations.

Laser tag is well known for neon colors such as red and green and blue and pink. Incorporating these colors into your laser tag birthday party can help you to build a laser tag theme with a minimum of work. For example, purchase neon-green or blue plates and napkins and pair them with brightly colored straws. Select neon-colored candy (such as gummy worms, and lollipops) to add to brightly-colored favor boxes. While your printable labels will add the personalized details you want to the party, the bright colors will bring the theme together with little effort on your part (besides a trip to the store or a few online purchases).

Bring a quick list of games to play during the laser tag birthday party.

Chasing each other through a traditional game of laser tag may be fun enough for some groups of kids. But if you want to add a new level of fun to the experience, consider bringing a quick list of games to play during the laser tag birthday party. For example, Capture the Flag, Adults vs. Kids, and Elimination can change up the pace of the game without adding much more work to your plate. With the right mix of games, along with the obstacle courses and challenges in the laser tag arena at iT’Z, your guests are sure to enjoy a laser tag birthday party that stands out.

A laser tag birthday party at a venue such as iT’Z can be a memorable way to celebrate a child’s latest year of life. By sending out printable invitations, purchasing a birthday party package from iT’Z, using printable decorations to personalize store bought items, utilizing the power of cake toppers, incorporating laser tag colors, and bringing a quick list of games to play, you can maximize the fun of your next laser tag party with a minimum of effort on your part.