How to Celebrate the End of the School Year at Fun Centers in Houston

indoor roller coasterIt’s the most wonderful time of the year, for kids at least. With a long summer break and endless hours of sunshine and fun on the horizon, chances are your child is pretty stoked about the end of the school year. With another grade under their belts, they deserve a celebration, and so do the grownups who have weathered the school year with them.

Treat your kids and yourself with a celebration to remember at one of the fun centers in Houston, like iT’Z. Here are a few ideas for making the end of this school year a truly awesome experience.



Cut loose at the fun centers in Houston.

Your kids have spent the year sitting quietly at desks and following the rules. Now it’s time to cut loose and enjoy some rule-free, sitting-free fun. Jazz up your celebration at fun centers in Houston by simply letting go.

Now, this doesn’t mean you should go indoor rock climbing without helmets. What it does mean is that at fun centers in Houston, like iT’Z, fun is the focus. Let your kids go crazy at bumper cars. Pretend their opponents are homework assignments and watch the pent up aggression let loose. Enjoy a ride on Disk O, our indoor roller coaster. And when you feel like going home, try staying for another round of bowling.

At fun centers in Houston, there are lots of ways to have some carefree fun. Embrace the opportunity and let your kids get their year of wiggles out. Better to do it at fun centers in Houston than at home, where your couch is begging for mercy.


Eat to your heart’s content at fun centers in Houston.

It’s not a celebration without food, and lots of it. You wouldn’t have a birthday party without cake, would you? So don’t you dare have an end of the year celebration without some kid-friendly food. Have a picky eater? Order up some plain cheese pizza. Have a child with more diverse tastes? The Hawaiian pizza is for you. Need a classic crowd-pleaser? Go with the pepperoni. And if anyone wants to add a bit of variety to the mix, iT’Z offers pasta, salad, and of course, dessert, as part of our unlimited buffet.

With delicious food, and as much as they want of it, your kiddos will soon be fueled up to go at the fun centers in Houston some more. High energy fun and high energy fuel make for the perfect combination at fun centers in Houston.


Do something totally different at fun centers in Houston.

Your kids have just finished with a routine they know really well. But at the end of the summer they will be venturing out into a whole new world in a new grade, with new classmates, possibly  at a new school. Prepare them for their new adventure by embracing something totally new at fun centers in Houston.

Have they ever climbed a rock wall? Now is the time to give it a try. Have they ever been on a roller coaster? If not, get their adrenaline going with our indoor roller coaster or the Monkey Jump drop.

You can even jazz up tried and true activities, like bowling, with bowling games for kids or turn your arcade visit into a competition to see who can earn the most prizes. The adventure is most fun when you join in, so hit the fun centers in Houston and make sure you are shooting, spinning, driving, climbing, and dropping right alongside your kids.


Help your kids learn new skills for a new school year at fun centers in Houston.

It may be the end of the school year, but the new school year will be here soon. While your kids might revolt at the thought of doing schoolwork during their summer vacation, there are other skills they can learn that will serve them well when they go back to school. Use your time at fun centers in Houston to teach them these skills.

For example, indoor rock climbing is an exciting adventure, but it also teaches valuable skills like communication and teamwork, and bravery too. Bumper cars might involve running into other cars, but it also teaches skills like depth perception and navigation. Bowling can teach kids how to be good sports. Try out some fun centers in Houston to teach your kids the skills they will need to succeed in school come fall.

If you want to start summer off right, visit one of the fun centers in Houston, like iT’Z. Here, you can cut loose, eat to your heart’s content, try new adventures, and help your kids learn valuable skills at our nearly dozen different activities. We let you and your kids enjoy the adrenaline-pumping experience of Disk O, the classical fun of bowling, the joy of rock climbing, the dizzying Monkey Jump, a huge arcade, and more. Your kids can even take advantage of our Good Grades promotion, where kids can bring in their report card within 30 days of receiving it, to earn Fun Points for their Good Grades. An A will earn them 5 points, and a B will earn them 2 points.

Whatever you want to do to celebrate the end of the year, you can probably find it at iT’Z. We also offer birthday party packages, dining rooms designed for fun, and more. Check us out as summer approaches and all through the year as one of the most memorable and exciting fun centers in Houston.