Bump Up the Fun With These Tips for a Bumper Car Birthday Party

Bumper CarsIf you are struggling to find the right kids birthday party theme, you might want to consider a bumper car birthday party. Perfect for kids with a sense of silliness and adventure and particularly good for kids who love cars of any kind, a bumper car birthday party can bump up the fun at their party and give them a good time that they will remember all through the next year. They might even ask to do it again next year! Here are a few tips for creating a memorable and safe bumper car birthday party for kids.

Choose a birthday party place that has bumper cars for kids.

While this may seem unnecessary, since bumper cars are a popular kids’ activity, not every birthday party place offers bumper cars for kids. You will need to check with your chosen venue if you want bumper cars to make an appearance at the kids’ party you are planning.

Make sure that the fun activities venue you choose includes bumper cars for kids, and that all of the kids attending the party meet the height and/or weight requirements (for example, at iT’Z, everyone needs to be at least 44” tall to ride the bumper cars).

You also want to make sure that the place you choose offers birthday event packages that include multiple activities. For example, at iT’Z, our birthday event packages include access to our attractions (including the bumper cars) and redemption tickets to be used toward any of our fun activities, from laser tag to, yes, bumper cars. Then you can plan an incredible party that includes the excitement and fun of riding bumper cars.

Bring your own themed cake to the bumper car birthday party.

Many birthday party places will allow you to bring your own cake, especially if you choose to use a birthday event package. Put this benefit to good use by bringing a themed cake to your bumper cars birthday party.

There are lots of options for turning a cake into a miniature bumper car arena. From complex designs including fondant bumper cars and arenas (that you might want to hire out to a professional cake decorator) to the simple DIY hack of placing mini racing cars on a frosting bumper car arena, you can create any look you want.

A snazzy themed cake will make a welcome addition to the bumper car fun the kids are having at the party, and will help you to tie the whole party together with a single theme that runs throughout.

Turn your decorations into a bumper car birthday party theme.

If you want to go all out with a bumper cars for kids birthday party, consider turning your streamers, balloons, and other decorations into a bumper car theme. For these decorations, anything car themed should work to spark your kids’ imaginations. For example, purchase paper plates decorated with cars, or bring car themed balloons.

You can even build your own mini bumper cars with Legos, remote controlled chassis, and/or cardboard. Creating these decorations can become one activity in your bumper cars for kids party. Or, you can put them together beforehand and bring them to the birthday party place to delight the kids as soon as they arrive.

Just make sure that you only bring decorations that are allowed by the venue you have chosen (i.e. Are balloons allowed? Are you allowed to fasten anything to the walls, etc.). At iT’Z, our on-site event planners can help you choose decorations that are appropriate for the space and for your chosen theme.

Include themed gifts at the bumper cars birthday party.

If you want to make sure that your bumper cars for kids birthday party has the right theme running throughout, you might want to consider themed gifts. For example, remote-controlled bumper cars can send your child home with the excitement of the bumper car long after their chance to ride the cars is over.

If you want party favors for all of the kids, sticker sheets of cars, mini Matchbox or Hot Wheels cars, or even bumper car coloring pages can make fun, themed choices. These gifts will combine with the fun of actually riding the bumper cars to create a memorable experience for everyone who comes.

Choose a birthday party place with multiple activities to entertain everyone.

Finally, while you may want to focus the birthday party on bumper cars for kids, you will want to ensure that everyone who comes to the party has a good time. You may want to select a birthday party place that has multiple activities so the kids can choose whatever they find to be most fun.

For example, at iT’Z, most of our birthday event packages include access to all of our attractions. In addition to bumper cars, kids can enjoy an arcade, laser tag, and even bowling. Allowing the kids to pick the activities they enjoy the most will make the party one where everyone has fun.

A kids birthday party with a bumper car theme can be a fun and memorable way to celebrate. All you need is a birthday party place that has access to bumper cars for kids, a bumper car themed cake, themed decorations, themed gifts, and multiple activities to entertain everyone.

Our fun activities venue here at iT’Z offers you the opportunity to create a fun themed party with access to any of our activities, including our bumper cars. Our on-site event planners can help you choose and implement a birthday party package that meets your needs and allows you to create the bumper car theme you desire, while our bumper cars for kids, laser tag, arcade, indoor rock climbing wall, and bowling will provide kids and adults alike the opportunity to enjoy an exciting time together. The result will be a memorable party that your child will be talking about for the whole next year.