Bowling in Houston: Game Ideas for Large Groups

Group Events at iTZ for fun timesLarge groups, of adults or kids, mean lots of fun. When you choose to go bowling in Houston with a crowd, you have the power to make that event an unforgettable time of fun, or a boring time of waiting around for your turn to bowl.

Obviously, here at iT’Z, we recommend the former. We wouldn’t offer 12 modern bowling lanes and easy access to an unlimited buffet if we didn’t. And, we are here to help with some game ideas for a large crowd that will add pizzazz to your bowling in Houston. Try these crowd pleasers for an extra special time on the lanes with more than a few family and friends.


Create a team-based tournament for bowling in Houston with a crowd.

Large groups can only mean one thing: Team time. Instead of setting people up to bowl individually, why not use your crowd to set up an unofficial bowling tournament? You can create the rules and structure any way you want, but we recommend having teams of two face off against each other.

One team member bowls first, and the other cleans up behind them. The team to get the highest score moves to the next bracket of the tournament. And of course, the last team standing gets a pretty sweet prize. We recommend a game card to our arcade or maybe a free meal at our buffet. Bowling in Houston with those kinds of skills deserves an appropriately awesome prize.

Other ways to create a tournament while bowling in Houston with a crowd, if you want to use larger teams, is to split the group into teams of 4-6 players. Each team gets their own bowling lane (You may need to reserve our bowling lanes to ensure enough space for a very large group).

Then, instead of adding up individual points to determine the winner in each lane, you add up everyone’s final score to achieve an overall team score. The team with the highest score wins. And yes, prizes should follow these demonstrations of bowling expertise.


Turn expectations on their heads while bowling in Houston.

Everyone knows that there are a few basic goals that are part of every game of bowling, in Houston and elsewhere. For example, you want to knock down as many pins as possible on every roll. You want to roll quickly. And you definitely want to be facing the bowling lane when you send the ball off.

These goals are all well and good….unless you want to spice up the experience for your large group bowling in Houston. Then, you might want to turn expectations on their head and try a more counter-intuitive game. Here are a few ideas:

  • Have bowlers assume odd positions while rolling the ball, like facing backwards and rolling between their legs. You can even have the players pick the positions, with everyone following suit for one frame before someone else gets to pick the next position for the next frame.
  • Inflate the gutter guards and then ask players to try NOT to hit pins (those gutter guards won’t seem so friendly when you don’t want to knock down pins).
  • See who can roll the slowest ball down the lane. The last ball to reach the pins wins the prize.


Turn team competitions into relay races or tag team competitions while bowling in Houston.

Team games are always a good idea when you are trying to entertain a crowd. While pitting teams against each other in an unofficial tournament can be a fun way to make teams rewarding, there are other ways to split your group into teams and ensure some bowling in Houston fun.

For example, split your group into teams of four or six. Then, have them situated in separate lanes. The first team member of each team picks up the bowling ball and sends it down the lane. As soon as the ball returns, the next team member picks it up and sends it down the lane as well. This relay style of bowling isn’t about scoring points (though a bonus prize for scoring a strike while rolling in a hurry might be a good idea). Instead, it is about seeing how quickly each team can finish rolling the balls down the lane.

If you want to turn this competition into a tournament style, just have two teams compete against each other at a time. The winner moves on to the next level, and the team left standing is the team declared the champion.

Creating games for large groups while you are bowling in Houston is a good way to add fresh appeal and reduce impatience while people wait for their turns to bowl. Whether you create a tournament, turn expectations on their heads, or turn team competitions into relay races, these games should make the experience even more fun and memorable.

And of course, if you want a truly memorable time bowling in Houston, do not forget to stop by iT’Z. Our 12 regulation-sized lanes, delicious buffet, and fun activities venue guarantee fun for your large group. Give us a try today.