Looking for Birthday Party Places for Kids?
Avoid These Mistakes

Birthday Blown AwayIt’s that time of year again: Time to celebrate another year of life for one of your favorite little humans. Naturally, you want to do it up right by finding the perfect venue for your annual shindig. Get your hunt off to the right start by avoiding some of the biggest mistakes you can make when looking for birthday party places for kids, and then stop by iT’Z to book the perfect birthday party package.


Mistake 1: Scheduling Birthday Party Places for Kids Too Late

If some birthday party places for kids are available a week before you want to have your party, you might want to ask the same question you ask about a house that’s been on the market too long: What’s wrong with it? If you want to book quality birthday party places for kids, then you need to book ahead of time. Lucky for you, kids usually start thinking about their birthdays pretty early (like the day after last year’s party). Follow their lead and begin your search for birthday party places for kids a few weeks before the big event.

Don’t worry if you can’t give an exact headcount a month in advance: Most birthday party places for kids will allow you to adjust the headcount up to a certain date, or let you book a birthday party package up to a certain number of kids. And once you find the perfect venue, move quickly to reserve your spot. The early bird in this case gets the awesome birthday party.


Mistake 2: Scheduling Birthday Party Places for Kids that Not All Kids Will Love.

Birthday party places for kids vary widely in the ages of kids who can participate. For example, you might find that indoor rock climbing is reserved for children of a certain height, while bumper cars only interest the younger ones. Plus, you may find that some of your child’s friends really hate laser tag or can’t stand arcade games.

If you settle for birthday party places for kids that only offer one or two activities, you might have to settle for not inviting some of your child’s friends. And if someone shows up who can’t participate, you and they are going to feel pretty bad.

Avoid the embarrassment, and the crying kids, by booking birthday party places for kids that can accommodate all ages and interests. The right birthday party places for kids will let everyone in your child’s life have the time of their lives. Here at iT’Z, for example, we offer 10 ways to entertain your kids, and a variety of birthday party packages to please everyone.

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Mistake 3: Scheduling Birthday Party Places for Kids With No Food

If you want to live on the edge, you leave the house without snacks for the kids. If you want to guarantee a demonstration of the hungry horrors, you book birthday party places for kids that do not provide food. Even if your party happens in the afternoon, you know the kids will be looking for snacks. Stocking up your birthday party with food that kids will actually eat is one of the most important parts of your party prep.

When looking for birthday party places for kids, then, look for one that provides the food for you. Here at iT’Z, for example, we offer access to our kid-friendly buffet for every birthday party package you buy. This means you get to enjoy pasta, pizza, and salad. All you have to do is bring the cake. Full bellies and fun will definitely equal a birthday party to remember, so make sure that the birthday party places for kids you choose provide both.


Mistake 4: Not Asking Enough Questions

Imagine showing up the day of the event and finding out your party of 12 needs to fit in a space designed for 10. Or discovering you need to pay extra for the two kids you invited at the last minute. Or finding out that favors were only included as part of the deluxe and not the basic package. Those kinds of surprises can definitely leave you scrambling.

When looking for birthday party places for kids, make sure to ask them lots of questions. Understanding exactly what the birthday party package includes, what it will cost, what you can and cannot bring, how long it will last, and whether or not you need to bring cake are all critically important details to have. Plus, you want to make sure that there is someone available the day of the party to answer any questions or help you deal with any surprises.

Here at iT’Z, we ensure that you understand what you are buying. And, we avoid miscommunications to begin with by offering you birthday party packages that are easy to understand and totally upfront. Plus, a party host the day of your event means that any last-minute problems are easily handled.

The next time you want to throw a party at a birthday party place for kids, try to avoid the biggest mistakes. Whether you schedule too late, find a place not everyone will enjoy, skip the food, or fail to understand your package, these mistakes can derail your party in a heartbeat.

Instead, look for birthday party places for kids ahead of time. Find one that offers lots of activities to keep everyone happy and that offers lots of kid-friendly food. And make sure you know what your birthday party package includes. Best of all, book your next party at iT’Z. Our fun activities venue, buffet, and birthday party packages will create the perfect environment for your upcoming celebration.