Alternatives to Cake for Kid’s Birthday Parties

Chocolate Chip Birthday CookiesKid’s birthday parties and cake go together like peanut butter and jelly. Except when they don’t. There are lots of reasons you might want to ditch the traditional cake: Expense, allergies, health concerns, and even just personal preferences can all lead to leaving the beloved birthday cake behind.

But don’t worry. You don’t have to resign yourself to a pint-sized rebellion when the kids figure out their sugary confection doesn’t exist. Just consider replacing the cake with one of these delicious, fun, and sometimes healthier alternatives.


Bring cookies to your kid’s birthday party.

We vote for chocolate chip, but any flavor will do as long as the kids at the party love it. You can pile them on a plate, buy a cookie cake, or go a little fancier with a cookie tower layered with frosting. Opt for homemade cookies made by the party guests, or bring store bought treats for an easier and just as tasty cake alternative. You can even stack Oreos in a tower to make a creative, easy, and delicious cake alternative for your kids’ birthday parties. Just don’t forget the milk.

Ditch cake for Rice Krispies treat alternatives.

Rice Krispies treats have been a kid favorite since they were invented in 1939. Use their classic flavor to your advantage to replace birthday cakes at your kids’ birthday parties. If a pan of treats seems too boring, get creative by cutting out numbers or shapes from the confection. You can even add candy (like M&Ms) or flavors (like peanut butter) to the treats to create just the taste your child craves. The best part? This treat can be made free of certain allergens (like dairy) for children who can’t have some of the ingredients in regular cake.


Make a cake out of fruit for your kid’s birthday party.

Fruit cake can be the perfect healthy alternative to sugary treats. And we’re not talking about the much-maligned holiday gift. We mean a cake made literally out of fruit. Most often built with watermelon as the base, other fruit as the decoration, and even Cool Whip for frosting, this kind of cake will almost make you consider giving up real cake altogether.


Mini-size your cake with cupcakes instead.

Give your mini-humans a mini-dessert with cupcakes. This alternative has lots of advantages at kids’ birthday parties. It is easier to serve, easier to regulate portion sizes, and easier to transport. Plus you do not have to worry about decorating a giant cake or spending a fortune having someone else do the work. Just choose your child’s favorite cake mix, throw it in some cupcake liners, and put some frosting (and cupcake toppers) on top. If you want to get fancy, buy a cupcake stand and build a tower that will be as impressive as any cake you could have decorated yourself.

Birthday Cupcakes










Mini-size your cake with cake pops at your kid’s birthday parties.

You can go even smaller with dessert at your kids’ birthday parties with cake pops. These tiny, bite-sized desserts are the perfect delectable end to a successful party, while ensuring that no child gets too much sugar. Your guests’ parents will thank you. Make them yourself or buy them pre-made for a mini-dessert that requires mini-effort.


Build ice cream sundaes at your kid’s birthday parties.

Poor, neglected ice cream usually only serves as the accompaniment to the star of the show: The cake. Maybe this time around you could put ice cream in the limelight by making ice cream sundaes the birthday dessert instead. A few tubs of ice cream and every topping you can imagine will create a fun birthday activity and a dessert that will have your guests forgetting all about the cake.


Ice cream cake can be a creative twist on a classic birthday dessert.

Of course, you don’t have to ditch cake altogether if you want a traditional feel to your kid’s birthday party dessert. Instead, consider choosing an ice cream cake. These sweet treats are easy to find, endlessly creative, and almost universally popular. It might just be the perfect compromise between cake and ice cream.


Doughnuts make a sweet and creative alternative to cake at a kid’s birthday party.

What is kind of like a cake without really being one? Doughnuts. Try these sweet alternatives at your next kid’s birthday party. Choose the flavors your child and their guests will love and then stack those doughnuts into a tower of deliciousness that will make them forget all about cake. If you are feeling really creative, you can even add frosting and decorations to make the doughnuts seem even more like the traditional birthday dessert.


Swap brownies for cake in a delicious twist on a classic kid’s birthday party.

Similar to doughnuts, brownies can make for a delicious twist on the classic cake for kids’ birthday parties. Stack them in a tower; make them in a pie tin; add candy and flavoring, or cut them into shapes. Versatile and delicious, they can fit with any theme your child wants.

Alternatives to cake for kids’ birthday parties do exist. You just have to think a little bit outside the box. Whether you are choosing ice cream cake or cookie cake, stacking doughnuts, brownies (or even crepes) or going healthy with a fruit cake, you can enjoy alternatives to cake that will tickle your child’s taste buds while meeting your budget and needs. And don’t be afraid to bring your cake alternatives to the kids’ birthday party venue at iT’Z. Our birthday party packages let you bring the dessert while we take care of everything else. Talk about a perfect party for your mini-human.