8 Reasons to Buy Group Activity Packages from iT’Z

Group BowlingLife provides many opportunities to get together with others. Milestones like graduations and weddings, casual events like picnics and birthdays, holidays like the 4th of July, and even business events, like team building, are the perfect times to get a group together to have some fun.

The key is finding the right things to do. Lucky for you, iT’Z is ready to meet your group activity needs with group activity packages and facilities designed to handle groups of any size. Here are 8 great reasons to consider one of those packages the next time you need to organize a group outing.



Group activity packages are perfect for a variety of occasions.

Golfing might be great for a work meeting, but not for your Aunt Martha’s family reunion. And while the local banquet hall might be ideal for a work luncheon or graduation party, it might not work for that family event with small kids. The fine china is shuddering at the thought of it.

A group activity package from iT’Z, however, is perfect for any occasion. Our facilities can accommodate fancy parties and casual family gatherings, small groups and company-wide outings. Just tell us what your group needs and we will make sure it happens. We’re talented like that.


Group activity packages are perfect for diverse groups.

Any time you have a group, you face differences of opinion when it comes to what is fun. Uncle Mark can’t do indoor rock climbing because he is afraid of heights, but the teenagers think that bowling is boring. Or the last time you did a team building event, Sally complained about dressing up for the mystery dinner.

At iT’Z, however, you really can please everyone. With numerous activities, hundreds of video games, a large banquet hall, and a delicious buffet, anyone can find something enjoyable to do. Uncle Mark can bowl, the teens can do indoor rock climbing, and Sally never has to think about dressing up. It’s a win-win-win-win…….


Group activity packages can accommodate groups of any size.

Is your family the size of the Portokalos family from My Big Fat Greek Wedding? Did your boss decide to get the whole company together for team building? Are other facilities running in fear from the size of your graduation party? Or do you have the opposite problem, where your intimate gathering is too small to make a reservation but too large to fit unannounced into a venue?

Never fear, iT’Z is here, and so are our facilities that can accommodate parties from 10 to 2,000. And, if you have fewer than 10 people in your group, you can enjoy iT’Z anyway—you just don’t need to buy a group activity package. So count up your attendees with confidence and worry about more important things…like how to get 100 family reunion T-shirts printed by next week.


Group activity packages give you access to technology for any presentation.

Bowling and laser tag and rock climbing are fun, but what do you do when it’s time for the company presentation or the photo slideshow of the graduate? Those inspirational, team building slides or cute baby photos aren’t going to present themselves. Try a group activity package at iT’Z. We have the A/V capabilities you need for any presentation, no matter how silly or serious. Your college grad might not appreciate your ability to display childhood photos, but the rest of the family sure will.


Group activity packages give your group access to fun.

Fun is the key to a successful group event. And fun is what we deliver at iT’Z. Our video game room alone contains 150 games from which you can choose. In addition, we offer two types of bowling, laser tag, indoor rock climbing, bumper cars, and more. And with a group activity package, your group gets to enjoy everything we have to offer. If you can’t have fun at iT’Z, you probably can’t have fun anywhere.


Group activity packages are not weather dependent.

Rain has been the bane of many a group activity. If a thunderstorm has ever sent your picnic running or the heat made you reconsider leaving the house, you know how much weather can affect a get together. But not at iT’Z. Here, in a dry and comfortable environment, you can enjoy that picnic, get together with your family, and learn alongside your work colleagues. The fun is on, rain or shine!


Group activity packages are tasty.

Food, of course, is another critical element of a successful group get together. People have to eat, and they want to eat well. So buy a group activity package from iT’Z and enjoy a get together that is as tasty as it is fun. Our buffet boasts pizza, pasta, salads, and the all important dessert. Served up delicious and hot, it will make the perfect accompaniment to any event. An added bonus? All the kids will love it too.


Group activity packages provide the right environment for any group.

That holiday party probably isn’t going to be the same as that family reunion, or that high school graduation. Finding the right environment for your group is key in making sure everyone has a good time. And that is where you are in luck when you buy a group activities package from iT’Z. We can create the right environment for any group. Enjoy private space and modern A/V capabilities for your meetings, or enjoy a laid back environment in our bowling alley. You can even enjoy some intense competition in our laser tag arena or video game arcade.

Group activities can be amazingly fun and permanently memorable when you buy a group activities package from iT’Z. Designed specifically to make these events as fun as possible, they provide the amenities you need for any group. Perfect for a variety of occasions, these packages give you access to our versatile facilities, fun activities, and high tech A/V capabilities so you can enjoy your time with a group of any size. If you want to know more, just reach out to iT’Z and let us give you the group event you need.