5 Reasons to Throw a Laser Tag Birthday Party

Teens playing Laser TagThere are many options when it comes to choosing a theme and activity for your child’s birthday party. And while the perfect idea depends quite a bit on your child and your preferences, we have to admit, we here at iT’Z have a soft spot for laser tag birthday parties. Sure, it sounds a little silly on the surface: A group of people running around a room trying to shoot each other with infrared light. But the reality is so much more fun. Here are just a few reasons we love laser tag birthday parties, and why we think you will too.

A laser tag birthday party is safe.

There is a lot of running and shooting during laser tag. But you know what the game lacks? A lot of crying and injuries. In fact, unlike paintball, with its stinging gobs of paint (ouch!) there are no flying projectiles or painful repercussions from getting hit. In fact, we are willing to bet that laser tag is safer (and more unique) than taking the kids to a playground for the afternoon. No one will be falling off monkey bars or nose diving off of the slides.

As a result, a laser tag birthday party gives kids all the adrenaline thrill of a risky activity without any of the actual risk. They shoot each other with infrared lights, cavort through an obstacle course designed for fun and safety, and get to relive their escapades afterward safely ensconced around a child’s favorite food–pizza. So the next time you want to give your child thrilling excitement without booking a spot in the ER, consider a laser tag birthday party, and leave the band aids at home.

A laser tag birthday party is indoors.

Lots of birthday parties can happen indoors. You can even arrange for one in your living room, if you want to dig cake out of the couch crevices for the next week. But the reality is that a group of active children in a small indoor space can truly spell disaster (at least for your furniture). And we also know what happens if an event you planned outside has to be canceled thanks to bad weather. An unhappy group of kids corralled inside is truly a frightening thought. Save that event for your Halloween party.

A laser tag birthday party, on the other hand, is a perfect indoor event for a group of kids. You get to stay out of the inclement weather, and they get to expend their energy doing something exciting. An indoor party with an outdoor feel? We can definitely sign you up for that.  


Laser tag is easy to learn and good for all ages.

That paintball party was a good idea, until one parent decided to bring the younger siblings, and you found out another child is terrified of getting hit by the paintballs. Now you have two kids to entertain while managing the actual party. The bounce house was a great idea too, until you found out that Sally is terrified of heights and Susan’s little sister is coming but doesn’t fit the age requirement for the venue.

Instead of stressing out over activities that kids find too scary or too hard or that do not cater to a wide enough age group, throw a laser tag birthday party. Laser tag is easy to learn (point and shoot and don’t get shot) and ideal for a wide variety of ages. You might even get the parents involved. And because laser tag birthday parties are painless and safe events, chances are no one’s child will end up injured, sad, or scared. Because childhood trauma is one of the big things you should avoid at a birthday party.


Laser tag is an active event.

Kids love to run (as we are sure you’ve noticed). But that also means that kids love to leave a trail of destruction, or at least a mess, in their wake. Consider laser tag instead. An active event, it requires kids to run, duck, hide, and shoot for the entirety of the game. And that means that they have a safe and fun way to get all of their energy out.

The best part? The kids are getting exercise without making a mess. And any mess they do make (hello pizza and cake), gets cleaned up by our incredible team here at iT’Z, so you can enjoy the party and not the chores afterward. So go ahead and book that laser tag birthday party, and think about stopping by iT’Z to play a game or two the next time a rainy day has your kids literally climbing the walls.


A laser tag birthday party does not happen in your house.

What is the very best part about throwing a laser tag birthday party? We are willing to bet that it is the fact that the party does not happen in your house. When you throw the party yourself, you need to clean your house, choose the favors, provide the food, make the dessert, plan the activities, and then…clean up the mess. We’re tired just thinking about you doing all of that.

During a laser tag birthday party, on the other hand, you book the birthday party package, bring the cake, and send out the premade invites. Then you show up and…watch the kids have fun. No cleaning and prepping for you, you smart birthday party ninja, you. After the party, you simply say goodbye to all your guests and mosey on home to your nice clean living room. If heaven were on earth, we are pretty sure it would include a laser tag birthday party.

So the next time you have to throw a birthday bash for one of your favorite kids, consider a laser tag birthday party. Here at iT’Z, we have all the safe, flexible, active, fun, indoor laser tag joy you can possibly imagine. Combine it with a birthday party package, and you are sure to enjoy an afternoon of pure delight. And if laser tag really doesn’t work for you, consider any of our other fun activities for your party. From indoor rock climbing to bowling, we won’t leave you or your guests hanging. Try us out today.