5 Reasons to Use Kids Birthday Party Venues (Besides Saving Your Sanity)

Kids Enjoying Bowling There might be hundreds of decisions to make when it comes to planning a child’s birthday party, but the first one is always the same: Where to hold it. And we don’t just mean inside or outside. Today, you have as many options for location as you do children to invite. So when might the decision to hold your celebration at a kids birthday party venue (like iT’Z) be a good idea? Here are a few reasons to consider a kids birthday party venue rather than your house, local park, or gymnasium.

Use kids birthday party venues when you want to simplify the party planning.


When your child was smaller, a simple cake, a few candles, and a present probably sufficed. Invite the grandparents and order a pizza and your party planning was done. Those simpler days, however, are long gone (as you’ve probably noticed). Now you have an older child with opinions of their own and a strong desire for a party that will impress them and their friends.

That can translate into some pretty complicated party planning. You can end up making literally hundreds of decisions when it comes to preparing the right celebration for your child. From invitations to decorations, from food to paper products, from party favors to activities, everything has to work together to make a party your child and their friends will enjoy.

If the thought of your party planning to-do list has you hyperventilating, you might want to choose a kids birthday party venue instead. Consider the amenities that come with the venue (and their birthday party packages): Paper products, party planners, activities, food, and even favors and a gift for the guest of honor. What’s left for you to do, you might wonder? Just a little thing called relaxing.


Use kids birthday party venues when you want to avoid a messy house.

Kids are messy. So you know what is waiting if you choose to throw a birthday party at your house (or another DIY venue like the park). If you want to avoid cleaning up all those crumbs, crumpled napkins, discarded favors, and old decorations, you might want to consider holding the party at a kids birthday party venue instead.

Why? Because at a kids birthday party venue like iT’Z you can have your cake and eat it too (or in this case, make your mess and not clean it up). You show up and enjoy the celebration and our amazing activities. We worry about setting everything up and cleaning it up afterwards.


Use kids birthday party venues to cater to your child’s interests.

A Spiderman themed party sounds like a great idea…until you have to stay up until 1 a.m. the night before cutting out decorations and trying to make those Spiderman strawberries look like the Pinterest picture. And then you have to figure out themed games that will keep the kids interested, along with prizes for the games, and favors that match the theme. You might as well be a superhero yourself.

If you want a party that caters to your child’s interests while catering to your need for simple party planning, you might want to choose a kids birthday party venue like iT’Z. We have lots of activities so you can choose the one that matches your child’s interests. Bowling? Check. Video games? Check. Bumper cars? Check. Even laser tag? Definitely check. All you have to do is get a cake or a few decorations to match the theme, and voila–a themed party without the work. Now you are a party planning ninja.


Use kids birthday party venues to save money.

Yes, we did just suggest a kids birthday party venue as a way to be frugal. Consider how much you would spend on a party somewhere else. We are willing to bet that between the gifts, favors, food, decorations, and more you will be spending several hundred dollars at least.

Now think about what you could get at a place like iT’Z for the same amount of money (or less). Simplified party planning, built in activities, kid-friendly food, excellent favors, and a marvelous time. If that doesn’t sound like a good deal, then we will eat our frugal hats.


Use kids birthday party venues to get help with the party and the planning.

Finally, you may want to use a kids birthday party venue if you want help with the planning and with the party (i.e. the wrangling of large numbers of kids). As children get older, parents expect to drop their children off and pick them up at the end of the party.

If the thought of watching a group of children by yourself has you shaking in your boots, prepare yourself with support in the form of party planners who help you organize the party and party hosts who help to guide the children through the activities so you don’t have to do it all yourself.

A kids birthday party venue can be a great idea if you don’t want to do the work of planning the party all by yourself. Simplify the planning; avoid the mess; cater to your child’s interests; save money, and get help with the party and the planning. Then you can enjoy your child’s party and they can enjoy an event created specifically for them. Talk about a win win.