5 Secrets to Fun Things to Do with the Family

Family Enjoying GamesWhat does research say is the best way to have a happy family? Do things together. But before you get the family together to veg on the couch, consider this: Quality is more important than quantity when it comes to creating strong family bonds. That means that you should probably save the television for the occasional family movie night and take some time to find fun things to do with your loved ones instead.

Not that getting out of the house is free of challenges. If the thought of meltdowns, sibling rivalry, bored teenagers, or even bored parents makes you feel like “fun things to do with the family” is an oxymoron, then you might also want to use some of the secrets to having fun family outings. Here are 5 ideas to get you started.

Give everyone a say in choosing the fun things to do.

That new Star Wars movie might be really sweet, if you like Star Wars. But, you might find that your brother prefers to go hiking, and your daughter wants to check out some laser tag. And don’t think that you can just make an executive decision in order to resolve all the conflicts. Say you decide to go to a local amusement park. Your son might want to ride the roller coaster, and your daughter might prefer the carousel.

The best strategy for dealing with these varying interests, besides pulling out your hair, is to let everyone have a say in choosing the fun things to do. For example, have your son choose the activity one week and your daughter the next. Or, have everyone select one activity at the amusement park.

You are more likely to have success with this approach if you choose a destination with lots of things to do. For example, the fun activities venue at iT’Z offers numerous fun things to do. And that means everyone can try out their favorite activity without inconveniencing the others. Talk about a win-win.


Turn the fun things to do into surprises.

Sometimes the best things in life are the unexpected. Surprise birthday parties are a thing for a reason, you know. Take advantage of the element of surprise by making fun things to do with your family into unexpected adventures. For example, instead of telling your children that you are planning a picnic at their favorite playground, just pack the lunch while they are not looking and bundle them into the car with a mysterious smile and a promise to take them someplace fun.

The key to surprises is to build anticipation without revealing the secret. A mysterious smile, a little teasing, driving the long way to the destination, and the assurance that they will like where you end up can keep them excited even though they do not know where they are going.

If you want to make the destination into even more of an adventure, you can create a list of clues that the family needs to solve on the way. You can even give a prize if they figure it out before you arrive. With a little bit of mystery and a little bit of creativity, you can turn the trip itself into a fun thing to do. Because, after all, you can never have too much fun.


Turn everyday activities into reasons to do fun things together.

Sometimes, families make the mistake of only doing fun things together when there is something big to celebrate, like a birthday or an anniversary. And while those are great reasons to celebrate (we even offer birthday party packages for just such occasions), you might want to consider turning everyday events into reasons to do fun things together.

For example, did your child get an A on that paper he’s been struggling with? Sounds like an excuse for some laser tag. Did your husband finally mow the lawn? Take some time for some bowling. If you want to get really crazy, consider visiting the arcade when your kids do all their chores without complaining, or hit up a rock climbing wall on your half birthday. With a little bit of creativity and a fun spirit, any accomplishment or event can turn into a reason to find something fun to do together.


Get creative with fun things to do.

Of course, even fun things to do can get boring if you put them on repeat too much. If you can’t stand the thought of hitting up the bowling alley one more time, or if you can’t stand the thought of losing in laser tag to your ninja-skilled child just once more, you might want to add a little creativity to your standard family activities.

For example, consider adding bowling games to the bowling alley. Truth or Dare will probably leave you with a little bit of adrenaline and just enough unpredictability to make the outing fun. Change up your laser tag game, or try a different activity at a fun activities venue like iT’Z. Even something as simple as changing the time that you go can make things more fun. Late-night laser tag, anyone?


Include food in the fun things you do as a family.

Everyone in your family might have differing opinions on what to do together, but what they can probably all agree on is the food. Fun needs fuel, after all, and the best fuel is food that is tasty and almost universally popular. That might be why another secret to fun family outings is making sure to eat regularly.

For example, if you go bowling, you might need to stop for pizza or pasta. If you are playing laser tag you might want to have some dessert. At iT’Z, you can enjoy delicious, family-friendly buffets whenever you feel the need for a little extra energy. After all, that last game of bumper cars won’t drive itself.

Adding fun to family outings does not have to be complicated, or expensive. At iT’Z, you can add everything you need for a memorable time. Get everyone involved in choosing an activity they enjoy, turn fun things into surprises, turn everyday activities into reasons to have fun together, get creative, and include food. And at iT’Z, you can do all of that with a variety of amazing activities, delicious food, good prices, and a fun-loving environment.