5 Creative Kids Birthday Party Themes

Superhero Lego Cake for KidsWhen it comes time to throw a birthday bash for your favorite little person, you have two big decisions to make: A theme and a venue. And while the venue might be an easy decision, thanks to our incredible choice of activities and tailor-made birthday party packages here at iT’Z, finding the right theme is sometimes tricky. To help spark your imagination, here are 5 creative ideas for kids birthday party themes, and yes, all of them will work right here at iT’Z.

Lego-Themed Kids Birthday Party

Legos have always been popular, but with the introduction of the LEGO Ninjago movies and ever more customized pieces, the small creative building blocks are gaining even more popularity. Insert a Lego theme into your next kids birthday party with the bold colors of the brand (think red, blue, yellow, and green) and branded decorations.

You can even get brick-shaped cups and block-shaped dessert plates. For something to go on those plates, consider block-themed cake toppers for a simple way to decorate cupcakes or a homemade cake, or go all out with a cake shaped like a Lego or that famous yellow Lego head. For party favors, consider continuing the fun by purchasing small Lego kits so children can enjoy these imagination-building toys even after the party is over.


Camping-Themed Kids Birthday Party

Tackle the great outdoors without tackling the bugs by holding an indoor camping-themed kids birthday party. Obviously, you need s’mores for dessert. Just don’t make them over a real fire. You can duplicate the flavor with marshmallow/chocolate combos and graham crackers or deliciously crafted cupcakes with graham crackers and chocolate on top. No-bake desserts or even s’more pops can delight the kids with a minimum of effort on your part.

Add in some animal decorations and a (fireless) campfire centerpiece, and you will be well on your way to bringing the great outdoors inside. If you want to tie your theme into your party activities, we are pretty sure some rock climbing, laser tag, or Monkey Jump can do the trick. And if you want some favors to help the kids take the outdoors home, try some cute plastic canteens, mini flashlights, or even camp activity sticker books tucked inside owl-themed gift bags.


Sesame Street-Themed Kids Birthday Party

Sesame Street is practically a staple of almost any childhood. Embrace one of the most popular kids TV shows of all time by putting together a Sesame-Street themed kids birthday party. Consider having everyone dress up as their favorite character, though let’s be honest, there will be a lot of Elmos in the crowd. Add in some themed paper plates and napkins, and don’t forget the giant Elmo balloon for the guest of honor.

You can even go all out with Sesame Street-themed cupcakes frosted blue with googly eyes and a mouth to mimic Cookie Monster, or go simple with themed cake toppers to turn an ordinary cake into a confection that would delight even Oscar the Grouch. Favors can include mini puzzles, masks, or activity books for the lucky guests.


Pirate-Themed Kids Birthday Party

Ahoy me mateys, jump aboard the pirate theme for your next kids birthday party and uncover a treasure trove of fun. This theme is so popular, you can easily find inexpensive masks, swords, and eye patches to dress the kids up. Have them play out pirate battles on the laser tag field, or declare the winner of the bowling game the owner of the treasure (complete with a treasure box filled with child-sized trinkets).

Carry over the pirate theme with pirate flags on the table and a sign with a ship name. Make everyone a pirate dessert, like a cake decorated like a treasure map or cupcakes with pirate toppings. You can even consider a treasure hunt, with the party favors as the treasure. Let your imagination run wild with a pirate themed kids birthday party at iT’Z.


Superhero-Themed Kids Birthday Party

The nice thing about a kid’s birthday party with a superhero theme is its versatility. With DC and Marvel superheroes to choose from, everyone can find a good guy or gal to love. And if you want to narrow your focus, you can always choose a specific superhero to celebrate, just like the mini superhero you have living in your home.

Costumes are a great idea for this kind of party, as are some superhero themed gifts. Consider mini shields for Captain America or masks so the kids can pretend to be their favorite superhero at home. Purchase superhero-themed gift bags filled with bubbles, activity books, and other fun themed prizes. And don’t forget: Your little ones can always chase bad guys in the arcade or bumper cars at iT’Z. Let their imaginations run wild with fun activities that even the adults will love.

Choosing a theme for your next kids birthday party can be a fun way to encourage the guests’ imaginations and add a little creativity to the already incredible parties you can put on at iT’Z. Whether you select a camping or superhero theme, Sesame Street or Legos, keep your eye on the prize: A memorable day doing something your child will love.

And when you choose iT’Z for your kids birthday party location, you get access to complete birthday party packages, our full array of fun activities, and perks like balloon bouquets for the guest of honor. So pick your theme and add some themed additions to your party in a venue designed to maximize the fun your child and their guests have. The only thing you might regret is not dressing up as your favorite superhero yourself.